Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend I joined a group of women from all walks for life for our annual WOW conference. This year's theme was Wine. Oil. Women. Yeah, I didn't really find it attention grabbing either but the speakers were. It was a dynamic time of fellowship. Pastor Darlene Bishop was our special guest. You can view Friday night's service here. Click on media and the date 3.18.2011.

You know it is nice to bring in people from around the world who have preached the gospel to thousands but I find it an even greater gift to have a First Lady who has a sweet spirit, is soft spoken but put her on the stage, hand her a mic and she can share a word, a nugget that is life changing. 

I've gown tremendously since relocating to South Florida. I know it isn't just the way I dress, or having bigger dreams. I've experienced much healing from brokenness. Can you believe I use to entertain thoughts that I was ugly, too skinny, too country and the list goes on and on and on and on? I did not love myself because I didn't know who I was, what my purpose was and I was carrying alot of guilt. You know the preacher kid has a baby out of wedlock so shame on her syndrome was weighing me down. 

Not anymore. I'm free. Positive thoughts. Godly positive thoughts. Let me follow that statement up by acknowledging I have stumbled along the way.  You know sinned. Fallen short. Will fall short. Ha, I'm using church lingo but the desire to quit has never been allowed to settle. I dust myself off and today I'm still striving to be the best divamom that I can become. 

Pastor Debbie shared this list during her sermon:

and then she said, "Ladies, as you mature these are the things GOD is suppose to meet in your life!" Dynamic right? These are the things I've learned to give myself. You can add to this list or take away from it but never settle for less. There are still days when I wonder if I'm good enough. When I pause to regroup, I'm reminded of the rocky roads I've already traveled. I look ahead and see the magnificent journey that still awaits. I smile. Get dressed and sashay off to conquer the day.

I challenge you to do a self assessment. How do you view yourself? What are you saying to you about you? Which of the attributes above are you withholding from yourself? The dress I'm wearing in the photos above is from (inserts drumroll here) the best store where I can get a one of a kind look ...yep the Goodwill. I felt fantabulous in it. Why? Love. For me. I'm a woman, making history. I'm penning my story with each new day I'm given to be my best self. withhold nothing of myself. I'm sharing me with the world. This is who I am, the small town country girl chasing BIG GOD given dream. 

Air kisses,

*My apologies for the shabby pictures. They were not taken with my camera.*


Ashley said...

Great post fashionista! Inspirational and uplifting.

GFS said...

I hear that top! You should totally try rocking it with some jeans rolled up or cargo pants:)


Prissy said...

I love this!!! That peplum top is too cute! I want it :(


Alissa said...

Um, that top is all kinds of hotness. I love it. I love the whole outfit. So chic and subtly sexy.

Unknown said...

I think that is a phase everyone goose through about their flaws but to love you for you shows the growth of loving yourself. Cute top

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog doll :)

Karima said...

love the top!!

Kerissa said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments dolls. This is actually a dress so I'm thinking based on all the comments that I should have it tailored and made into a skirt. Yes? It was a thrifted find so spending a few dollars to hack it off will work for me.

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