Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Song For Moms

I'm the annoying daughter who still calls my mother everyday at least 6 times per day. Today was not different. She's preparing to graduate next month with her BS and I'm so proud of her. It got me to thinking and wondering what she was like at my age. As I think about it now I haven't really asked my mom alot about her youth. She shares occasionally but a painful past has been buried and tucked away. Well now that I'm studying human services, I'm prying off the lid and asking about her history. I love music so that was a easy avenue for me to start the conversation. I asked her to name one of her favorite songs. I did tell her to keep it clean because some saved person might read this and call her Presiding Elder. God forbid the church finds out my mother didn't always wear a preacher's robe. Yikes! I’m so not serious. Jokes lovelies, all fun and games. So take a moment and enjoy the soulful sounds of Mrs. Roberta Flack.

If you're wondering about the color of the font, it is one of moms favorite colors.

Air kisses,

1 comment:

GFS said...

You know what! I've never asked my mom about her youth either! THank you for planting this seed! I'm going to get nosey and I'm going to start with music!

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