Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Interview on Connected Journeys

I am so very honored to share with you an interview I was asked to complete for a young man who is kind hearted, an activist, photographer, and writer. Chadd (@CB_CAL) and I (@KTsdivamom) begin our journey on Twitter. I'm his butterfly. There was a connection we shared that eventually led to us exchanging Blackberry pin numbers. We'd message for a few hours offline. We shared so much. Ups and downs. Heartaches. Joys. Successes. His heart is genuine and I was able to learn from him. The most powerful common denominator was that he cared about others. He would ask me about my students and listen to my stories. There was one particular student I was concerned about, Chadd was able to give me some insight on reaching the kid. It worked. Chadd had won my heart. 

I am truly humbled to be honored during Women's History Month. I salute every educator who has made a difference in the life of a child. I salute all current educators standing on the front lines today. It ain't easy! To the student who thinks the teacher is a meanie for making you learn, someday you'll cherish every moment you had in class and come to realize how much he or she inspired you to be who you are. 

I can't think of a better place to be featured than Connected Journeys. Please take a moment to stop by Chadd's blog. My interview can be found here.

The Reading Teacher is a


monster cakes said...

Congrats on the interview! I miss some of my professors and often wish I could take a class again. ; ) I'm a nerd, though, which might explain it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so nice to meet fellow Christian bloggers. xo

Chic Therapy said...

awwww!Off to the interview page

Alicia said...

Heading off to check out the interview now! I'm sure it's awesome.

Kerissa said...

@monster cakes, you have a new follower in me.

@Chic Therapy & @Alicia thanks for the sweet comment left on the interview page.

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