Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enjoy the Journey

This morning as I sat on my bedside, I glanced at a candle that was gifted to me last year. Imprinted on the candle was a line from India.Arie's 'Beautiful Day'. It reads, "Life is a journey not a destination". Today take the time to appreciate the miracles along the way. Acknowledge the not so great moments especially if you learned from them. Keep the faith. Know that you won't arrive at greatness overnight. It is something I must remind myself of daily. We often compare ourselves to others without knowing what occurred behind the scenes. Today's challenge is to celebrate your own story and live in this moment. Afterall, it is a beautiful day!

Air kisses,
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Your Fave Cubanita said...

I love that truly IS a journey...after all, our destination isn't even in this life, but in the one to come that will totally rock!!! Often times I have found myself wishing that I had someone else's life...little did I know that what I was going through paled in comparison to what they were going isn't always greener on the other side!!

Zarna said...

i LOVE india arie, one of my favorite artists!

Kerissa said...

@My Fave Cubanita, I love you more! This journey has been so much more fun traveling with you :)

@Zarna, I'm so honored you stopped by my blog. I love your style, your hair and your creations. The way you play with colors is amazing. Can I raid your closet? SERIOUSLY??

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