Thursday, March 10, 2011

All Is Right In My World.

I haven't blogged in a while and I truly miss sharing my thoughts, my world and my life with you but these days I've been busy with everything from community organizations that I'm involved with, parenting KT, watching the world of education unravel like a piece of yarn pulled on a blanket and preparation for my graduate school courses which started this week.

I was able to take a break last Saturday. KT and I hit the beach. It was one of the best days I've had in a long time to relax, enjoy a sunny South Florida day and spend time chatting with my son. Our days often times are filled with a whirlwind of activities that we talk in the car or at the dinner table briefly. I am looking forward to Springbreak beginning tomorrow. I'm not traveling for a number of reasons but the #1 reason is it'll be more time for me to give my son 200%

There are days I deal with a heavy amount of guilt for not being supermom. I took off that cape last year. I am so appreciative that I have my mom to share my frustrations with. On those days I reflect on her advice to really pay attention to my son and ask myself: Is he happy? Doing well in school? Does he have a sparkle in his eye? How is his mood?

That's when I chuckle. KT's doing well in school. His teachers are scolding him for singing and drumming during class. Ha! I know right (chuckles). He does it at home. He can't resist the musical gifting and talents. I'm at peace knowing the little BIG man is well. As for me, I'm going through some growing pains that I've welcomed. If we don't grow from one day to the next are we really living? I'm more aware of myself right now. I'm striving to hear GOD'S voice above any others. I'm not taking things personal that irritated me months ago. Who cares if they count how many times I've worn something?

At this moment my best days are still ahead. I'm dreaming more. There are plans I'm making and not just in my head but on paper. I need the vision to be plain, bathed in prayer and mapped out. The day is coming when I will walk from one place to the next place purposed and destined for me.

I pray that you are filled with as much hope! Until next time, enjoy the weekend. Make time to enter a place of serenity. Love on yourself!

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