Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Grown Up


Remember when you were growing up and your parents irritated you? You would say under your breath, "I can't wait toI grow up?' Now that I'm all grown up I hate it. Being a grown up is nothing like I anticipated. This week I had to cancel some vacations I was looking forward to so as not to stress out my finances during the summer. I usually work teaching online but I haven't picked up a course in almost a year. I also take at least 2-3 graduate courses which makes it difficult to hold down an additional job.

There are months when things flow so smoothly with me as the Head of Household but this month is a rocky beginning. I know it only means that GOD has some great things HE'S going to be rolling out in March. Although I must admit these bumps in the road are giving me a headache. Wait, don't think I'm going to continue this post by complaining. I quickly got over it all when I heard a 27 year old woman was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She's younger then me. How awful. I'm healthy, moving free, no death sentence, illness. Reality check folks, I started feeling really really grateful.

On my way home, I stopped by the post office to pay a bill. I did a  happy dance even though I hate paying bills but I am all grown up. As I turned into the post office entrance, there was a disabled car driven by a youjng lady being pushed by a female office and a buff guy. Prehaps, he was her hubby or friend boy. Another realitiy check, my truck has never ever left me stranded high and dry anywhere other than a short walk from home twice and that was due to a battery issue.

So for all you grown ups who aren't feeling your grown man or grown woman swagger is where it needs to be. Please know that I feel  ya. Unless we plan to move back in with moms or some other relatives, we need to make it work. With gas prices skyrocketing, and layoffs still occurring and now even more MAJOR cuts in  education some single mom or dad is pinching themselves and wishing that they could just be a teenager again. I know I am. I want to wear Jordache jeans and Reeboks and leg warmers and MC Hammer pants. I want to play on my iPod "Push It", "When Doves Cry", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and "I Need Love.' 

Now wasn't that fun? We spent a moment not being grownups. What a giddy way to relieve stress. What are some of your favorite 80's hit. Take that trip back to when life was good before you were all grown up.

I'm a Toys R Us Kid,

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Nikki said...

"Candy Girl", "My Adidas" and "Roxanne's Revenge" always brings me back to my teenage days!

Alicia said...

I hear that! I surely have my days when I wish I were a kid again.. or wish I were my son... or wish I could be an adult w/o the responsibilities... or wish I had someone who would pay for my life... or.... I COULD go on and on, but I'll stop here. LOL. Like you said, I have so much to be grateful for even as rough as this adult life can get. That keeps it all in perspective.

But it must have been a bummer to cancel your travel plans.

Nikki said...

Love this!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ditto^^^^ Love love LOVE this!

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