Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Interview on Connected Journeys

I am so very honored to share with you an interview I was asked to complete for a young man who is kind hearted, an activist, photographer, and writer. Chadd (@CB_CAL) and I (@KTsdivamom) begin our journey on Twitter. I'm his butterfly. There was a connection we shared that eventually led to us exchanging Blackberry pin numbers. We'd message for a few hours offline. We shared so much. Ups and downs. Heartaches. Joys. Successes. His heart is genuine and I was able to learn from him. The most powerful common denominator was that he cared about others. He would ask me about my students and listen to my stories. There was one particular student I was concerned about, Chadd was able to give me some insight on reaching the kid. It worked. Chadd had won my heart. 

I am truly humbled to be honored during Women's History Month. I salute every educator who has made a difference in the life of a child. I salute all current educators standing on the front lines today. It ain't easy! To the student who thinks the teacher is a meanie for making you learn, someday you'll cherish every moment you had in class and come to realize how much he or she inspired you to be who you are. 

I can't think of a better place to be featured than Connected Journeys. Please take a moment to stop by Chadd's blog. My interview can be found here.

The Reading Teacher is a

A Song For Moms

I'm the annoying daughter who still calls my mother everyday at least 6 times per day. Today was not different. She's preparing to graduate next month with her BS and I'm so proud of her. It got me to thinking and wondering what she was like at my age. As I think about it now I haven't really asked my mom alot about her youth. She shares occasionally but a painful past has been buried and tucked away. Well now that I'm studying human services, I'm prying off the lid and asking about her history. I love music so that was a easy avenue for me to start the conversation. I asked her to name one of her favorite songs. I did tell her to keep it clean because some saved person might read this and call her Presiding Elder. God forbid the church finds out my mother didn't always wear a preacher's robe. Yikes! I’m so not serious. Jokes lovelies, all fun and games. So take a moment and enjoy the soulful sounds of Mrs. Roberta Flack.

If you're wondering about the color of the font, it is one of moms favorite colors.

Air kisses,

Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend I joined a group of women from all walks for life for our annual WOW conference. This year's theme was Wine. Oil. Women. Yeah, I didn't really find it attention grabbing either but the speakers were. It was a dynamic time of fellowship. Pastor Darlene Bishop was our special guest. You can view Friday night's service here. Click on media and the date 3.18.2011.

You know it is nice to bring in people from around the world who have preached the gospel to thousands but I find it an even greater gift to have a First Lady who has a sweet spirit, is soft spoken but put her on the stage, hand her a mic and she can share a word, a nugget that is life changing. 

I've gown tremendously since relocating to South Florida. I know it isn't just the way I dress, or having bigger dreams. I've experienced much healing from brokenness. Can you believe I use to entertain thoughts that I was ugly, too skinny, too country and the list goes on and on and on and on? I did not love myself because I didn't know who I was, what my purpose was and I was carrying alot of guilt. You know the preacher kid has a baby out of wedlock so shame on her syndrome was weighing me down. 

Not anymore. I'm free. Positive thoughts. Godly positive thoughts. Let me follow that statement up by acknowledging I have stumbled along the way.  You know sinned. Fallen short. Will fall short. Ha, I'm using church lingo but the desire to quit has never been allowed to settle. I dust myself off and today I'm still striving to be the best divamom that I can become. 

Pastor Debbie shared this list during her sermon:

and then she said, "Ladies, as you mature these are the things GOD is suppose to meet in your life!" Dynamic right? These are the things I've learned to give myself. You can add to this list or take away from it but never settle for less. There are still days when I wonder if I'm good enough. When I pause to regroup, I'm reminded of the rocky roads I've already traveled. I look ahead and see the magnificent journey that still awaits. I smile. Get dressed and sashay off to conquer the day.

I challenge you to do a self assessment. How do you view yourself? What are you saying to you about you? Which of the attributes above are you withholding from yourself? The dress I'm wearing in the photos above is from (inserts drumroll here) the best store where I can get a one of a kind look ...yep the Goodwill. I felt fantabulous in it. Why? Love. For me. I'm a woman, making history. I'm penning my story with each new day I'm given to be my best self. withhold nothing of myself. I'm sharing me with the world. This is who I am, the small town country girl chasing BIG GOD given dream. 

Air kisses,

*My apologies for the shabby pictures. They were not taken with my camera.*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enjoy the Journey

This morning as I sat on my bedside, I glanced at a candle that was gifted to me last year. Imprinted on the candle was a line from India.Arie's 'Beautiful Day'. It reads, "Life is a journey not a destination". Today take the time to appreciate the miracles along the way. Acknowledge the not so great moments especially if you learned from them. Keep the faith. Know that you won't arrive at greatness overnight. It is something I must remind myself of daily. We often compare ourselves to others without knowing what occurred behind the scenes. Today's challenge is to celebrate your own story and live in this moment. Afterall, it is a beautiful day!

Air kisses,
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I Love South Florida

It took a year and I was hooked. When I relocated to South Florida 7 years ago it was a rough beginning. I'd get through the days by doing what all South Floridians do. I headed to the beach! I'm now addicted. I can go every day all day when the weather is perfect. I take my cooler, my son, magazines and head off to spend hours being close to GOD.

Mrs. Katy says I'm the only black chick she knows that loves the beach so much. I'm probably the only black chic she knows that rocks this haircut so I can enjoy the beach as much as I do. A few weeks ago KT and I spent a few hours on the beach. We are on springbreak this week and the weather hasn't really cooperated. I’m hoping to get at least one day ocean side before returning to work. Glad I have these photos to recapture that moment.

Taken by KT

Taken by KT

Any idea what this is?

Where is your favorite spot in your city/state? 

Air kisses,

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I must admit I was going to title this post something else like Christmas in March. I really just wanted to show off this cute look I put together from the thrift store. The wedges are by Michael Kors and the skirt is just a cute green skirt I paid less than $5 for. 

My mom will be so proud when she sees this. She always says "You don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous." Don't get me wrong, we shop in regular department stores but when I thrift I get pieces that no one else will have. Haven't you figured out I like being different?

Air kisses, 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chase the Rainbow

I often times dream of being a kid again. Life was simple, fun, and full of color. Being an adult is ok but there are some days I wish I hadn't rushed it. One thing that keeps me loving life is being surrounded by color. 

As a kid, moms would dress me and my three siblings up in pastels. There was never a dull piece in our wardrobes. I’m a stickler to that fashion sense today. I shop for colors for KT and myself. We wear everything from pinks, yellows to greens.

I found this skirt a few Fridays ago for $15 with 10% off. I received so many compliments that I decided to take photos on my way home from work. I usually take my pictures before I leave home so my makeup is fresh but this was a win win all day long. 

I felt like Rainbow Bright. Remember her?:

What do you think? Too colorful?

Chasing rainbows,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spreading My Wings

We all know how much I love music. If only I could turn back the hands of time and capture those youthful days when all that mattered was school, friendships, boys and the parentals taking care of the bills. Since I'm unable to  get it in using my time machine, I'll settle for spreading my wings and flying away to a destination island.

Ok so my thoughts have zero to do with the song. Either way, it is one worth sharing. Enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you'll be spreading your wings to do this weekend.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

All Is Right In My World.

I haven't blogged in a while and I truly miss sharing my thoughts, my world and my life with you but these days I've been busy with everything from community organizations that I'm involved with, parenting KT, watching the world of education unravel like a piece of yarn pulled on a blanket and preparation for my graduate school courses which started this week.

I was able to take a break last Saturday. KT and I hit the beach. It was one of the best days I've had in a long time to relax, enjoy a sunny South Florida day and spend time chatting with my son. Our days often times are filled with a whirlwind of activities that we talk in the car or at the dinner table briefly. I am looking forward to Springbreak beginning tomorrow. I'm not traveling for a number of reasons but the #1 reason is it'll be more time for me to give my son 200%

There are days I deal with a heavy amount of guilt for not being supermom. I took off that cape last year. I am so appreciative that I have my mom to share my frustrations with. On those days I reflect on her advice to really pay attention to my son and ask myself: Is he happy? Doing well in school? Does he have a sparkle in his eye? How is his mood?

That's when I chuckle. KT's doing well in school. His teachers are scolding him for singing and drumming during class. Ha! I know right (chuckles). He does it at home. He can't resist the musical gifting and talents. I'm at peace knowing the little BIG man is well. As for me, I'm going through some growing pains that I've welcomed. If we don't grow from one day to the next are we really living? I'm more aware of myself right now. I'm striving to hear GOD'S voice above any others. I'm not taking things personal that irritated me months ago. Who cares if they count how many times I've worn something?

At this moment my best days are still ahead. I'm dreaming more. There are plans I'm making and not just in my head but on paper. I need the vision to be plain, bathed in prayer and mapped out. The day is coming when I will walk from one place to the next place purposed and destined for me.

I pray that you are filled with as much hope! Until next time, enjoy the weekend. Make time to enter a place of serenity. Love on yourself!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Grown Up


Remember when you were growing up and your parents irritated you? You would say under your breath, "I can't wait toI grow up?' Now that I'm all grown up I hate it. Being a grown up is nothing like I anticipated. This week I had to cancel some vacations I was looking forward to so as not to stress out my finances during the summer. I usually work teaching online but I haven't picked up a course in almost a year. I also take at least 2-3 graduate courses which makes it difficult to hold down an additional job.

There are months when things flow so smoothly with me as the Head of Household but this month is a rocky beginning. I know it only means that GOD has some great things HE'S going to be rolling out in March. Although I must admit these bumps in the road are giving me a headache. Wait, don't think I'm going to continue this post by complaining. I quickly got over it all when I heard a 27 year old woman was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She's younger then me. How awful. I'm healthy, moving free, no death sentence, illness. Reality check folks, I started feeling really really grateful.

On my way home, I stopped by the post office to pay a bill. I did a  happy dance even though I hate paying bills but I am all grown up. As I turned into the post office entrance, there was a disabled car driven by a youjng lady being pushed by a female office and a buff guy. Prehaps, he was her hubby or friend boy. Another realitiy check, my truck has never ever left me stranded high and dry anywhere other than a short walk from home twice and that was due to a battery issue.

So for all you grown ups who aren't feeling your grown man or grown woman swagger is where it needs to be. Please know that I feel  ya. Unless we plan to move back in with moms or some other relatives, we need to make it work. With gas prices skyrocketing, and layoffs still occurring and now even more MAJOR cuts in  education some single mom or dad is pinching themselves and wishing that they could just be a teenager again. I know I am. I want to wear Jordache jeans and Reeboks and leg warmers and MC Hammer pants. I want to play on my iPod "Push It", "When Doves Cry", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and "I Need Love.' 

Now wasn't that fun? We spent a moment not being grownups. What a giddy way to relieve stress. What are some of your favorite 80's hit. Take that trip back to when life was good before you were all grown up.

I'm a Toys R Us Kid,

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