Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

How was your weekend? I actually did a quick get away. Yes, shocking eh?  I took a day and a half from my steady grind to have some fun. Friday night I attended a dinner with family and friends. It was an early Valentine's Day event. We shared a spaghetti dinner, desserts, lots of laughs and filled a basket with VDay cards for foster children. Isn't that an amazing idea? Instead of making the holiday about self, KT and I were able to participate in an activity that focused on someone else. So this year we've shared our love in a special way with children who a less fortunate. 

I also was able to spend time relaxing with friends and alone. I got in a game of golf although I was only able to play 8 holes before being rained out. The location had live gators. Imagine that! If my golf ball had landed in one of the little waters and knocked one out. That's a funny visual. I'm a sucker for good food and fine dining. I was treated to lunch at Bahama Breeze. It was my first time and I can assure you I will be taking the kid soon. The Cuban bread appetizers were delicious. Ok, yes I confess....I want to be Cuban in my next life, lololol! 

Later Saturday night after a good nap I saw my boyfriend (in my head) Jason Statham in "The Mechanic". I love action movies. A few of my favs are: "Taken", "300", "Gladiator", "Crank", "Takers" and a plethora of other movies these are just the ones that came to mind. I'm actually a movie junkie. When dvds were first released on the market I would purchase every movie I saw in the theater. Now I just get them from the public library and watch them every day, sometimes twice a day for the week I have it. 

I awoke Sunday to a rainy view of the city from the 16th floor of my hotel. The silence, the rapping of the rain on the window and the lights from the city were enough to make me exhale and bask in that moment of solitude. I told my bestie later at brunch that sometimes you need to get away and be alone to be rejuvenated. I had plans to visit the spa on my birthday and didn't follow though but there is one shining brightly in my future. I'm going to take my own advice starting now :)

Brunch at Dexter's and a mimosa with the bestie closed out the weekend. The biscuits with fried chicken topped with house made chicken sausage gravy and seasonal jam on the side set me up for an extra long nap that lasted through the first half of the Superbowl. By the way, I really wanted to the Steelers to win. On the other hand their QB really needs to do some jail time. Dude, is a criminal!!

Monday is here and real life calls. I'm glad I was able to have some time away. I came home to my kid, hugs and sunny skies (it was rainy and chilly where I was). Let's pray that I accomplish all the tasks I need to get done and that this week's assignments earn me enough points to grant me the As I desire in both my graduate courses.

Remember my bloggerversary is in one week. Stay tuned for a few new voices here this week. The giveaway is still on. I'll write a post about it soon. Still not sure if I should open it now or on the bloggerversary date. Suggestions?

Air Kisses,


BlackPearl said...

Either way you should be fine! Giveaways are always fun no matter when they post!

Nicole said...

It's good you took a time out! I think we all need a break. A period of time to relax, refocus, recharge and renew our minds. YOu are then able to come back with a clear head,fresh ideas and new horizons to pursue for your vision and ultimate goal you are trying to reach.

Sounds like you had fun. You were very detailed in what you did and what you experienced.

Nikki said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sometimes we need to take a break from our busy lives and just have some good ole fun!


Alicia said...

Sounds nice and relaxing. I think it is so essential for single moms to have that time where they can just be. Ya know?

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