Monday, February 14, 2011

Shades of Blue

One of my favorite colors is blue. The janitor and all my Spanish speaking students call me Ms. Azul, which I adore and think is soooo cute since I want to be a Cubanita in my next life. Only my dear friend Abdi understands this desire. I rarely wear shades of blue together purposely but this look just came to me and seemed right. The shirt dress is really old from everyone’s one stop shop for all your needs boutique. That would be Target! We can all agree it is the store that you can’t just visit the grocery section or beauty products. You spend more than $20 bucks each visit. Right?

The pumps are from Aldo. I purchased them when the nude crazy was jumped off. I have a ‘friend’ who is a fashionable diva dude (yes, he knows I call him this). He wasn’t crazy about them. His response when I asked his opinion before purchasing was they were an ok shoe for work.

Well in these photos with my 69cent tights from Goodwill, my shoes went from plan jane to stylish educator! Don’t you think so? I also have a matching clutch but didn’t carry it the day I wore this outfit. On my next tattoo adventure I’d like a butterfly until that time my brooch will have to serve as my representation of freedom that I am longing for.

The sweater was a December gift from my mom during our Goodwill excursion during her Christmas visit. We walked away with two large bags of goodies for less than $50. Thankful for her senior discount J! The belt was a snagged thrifting as well.

This final shot KT did was perfection for me. I’ve been really paying attention to the makeup advice on Twitter from Sam Fine and other great makeup artists. I think my blush was Exhibit A and the lippie was Viva Glam IV.  I felt beautiful after seeing the picture because I didn’t look made up.

Ms. Azul *aka*


Alicia said...

Lady, your makeup looks flawless in that pic! Nice! I love the way you tied the belt on the outside of the sweater... I'm definitely going to have to steal that idea. Blue definitely looks good on you! xx

Ashley said...

This is a nice classic look. Tights are so nice with different outfits. I see you Miss Fashionista!

Also when you get a chance, check out my personal blog. It's going to be totally different than my other.

StylishForever said...

Oh mehn I LOVE this! Super gorgeous and chic!

Chandra @ShiftC said...

WOW! Your skin looks amazing!

I had that same dress from Target, but bought it at Goodwill. Sadly, I donated it back to Goodwill earlier this year. This post makes me wish I had it again!

Now, as for the nude pumps...I own ONE pair and I want ANOTHER pair! It's true that they look plain, but when paired with fabulous tights...uh, hello, AWESOME!!



Kerissa said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! I really enjoy mixing and matching pieces more. I was previously a matcy matchy girl but with a little help from various magazines and following other bloggers I've learned to be creative. I have so much fun dressing up for work. As for the makeup some days I beat the face better than others. What matters most is the inside so I'm working on keeping that part clutter free so radiance can shine through.

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