Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There's a song by Maurette Brown Clark that has made a big difference in my life. It has brought the sunshine on a rainy day. Actually, the entire album titled The Dream is great so check it out.

I get a lot of answers that I need through songs. I can't say they are always gospel but they are always meaningful, filled with a message for the situations I'm experiencing both pleasant and unpleasant.

Tonight I felt compelled to listen to her track "My Heart has been Restored". The song speaks to emotions getting in the way and causing her to mistrust GOD'S promises. Here are the complete lyrics: My apologies for the extra long link, I'm blogging from my phone. I couldn't wait to share this with you!!!!! My blogging app has just the basics (sad face).

I put the song on repeat and with lifted hands towards heaven & tears running down my face, I allowed the lyrics to wash over me. My heart was restored once again!!!

I don't know what tomorrow holds and it is less than 10 minutes away as I write this post. I do know that I am what GOD says I am and I must always ALWAYS see myself as such.

I know I'm not the only one looking to live in my purpose. I know I'm not the only one to experience difficult days. As I close out this day, I'm reminded that without a test there's no testimony to share with you. There will be days on adivamomsjourney that will be tear stained, include a mistake, heartbreak, lost and some failure too because its all apart of me being able to say I'm victorious. For today I give HIM praise for this battle that was won. I say to today's events: I am not defeated!

In His Love, mwah!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiring words! I don't know that song, but I'm heading over to youtube now to listen. 2 songs that lift me when I'm down are "Grateful" by Hezekiah Walker and "Still Say Thank You" by Smokie Norful.

Kerissa said...

@mrstdj, Hope you like the song. I'll be sure to play both songs you suggested before heading off to a blissful sleep. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'll check in at your's soon, XoXo.

StylishForever said...

Great post! Definitely inspiring. You have a lovely blog :)

Kerissa said...

@StylisHedForeVer, thanks for stopping by. I hope you continue to drop in and leave me a comment to make my blog more lovely. To know that I'm accomplishing my goal to inspire to never give up is a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand. My all time get me right song is Vendicate Me! Very old song. Just know that its gone B alright.

Ms Cheryl

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