Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain Serves a Purpose

My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
There’s no more rain in this cloud
-Angie Stone-

For every moment of hardships there's an over abundance of joy. That is where I’ve arrived again. Yes again because we all go through rough moments where we aren’t living our best life. So that you better understand why I’m singing along with Angie about sunshine let me tell you what has happened over the last week and a few days..

·         Someone decided to walk away. He disappeared for 4 days (as in no contact – I didn’t hear from him and this was after we’d just hung out!) and when he resurfaced I was over it. Moms says her children are too much like her. We can desire to be in a relationship with someone but if they don’t live up to our expectations we bounce. Truth! I was feeling him but not enough to put up with inconsistencies. He asked for a hiatus and I said good bye all in the matter of 3 text messages. Could be a bad thing that I’m not a fighter or is it that I’m learning to fight for what is real, what’s genuine. He and I had gone down this let’s call it quits road before. I decided I’m to fabulous to spend time second guessing if someone is right for me. I’m reminded of the saying if you care about something set it free; if it’s meant to be it will return. I’m sure if he has an epiphany and finds out that no one could have loved him better he’ll find his way back and he’d work like Joseph did for Rebecca (Bible story) if he wants to win my heart.

·         Graduate school has stressed me to the max. This week marks the last week of classes. I’m a few points away from an A and these grades are without factoring in the final project that’s worth 36 points. The kicker is the final projects were both due the same time. One was easier to complete than the other. As I write this I also preparing mentally to finish the final 8 page paper. I love going to school but it is tough. I’ve been told to pace myself. That I don’t need to hurry. But for me this goal is urgent. I hate going to work daily feeling useless. My students are doing well. Many are excelling beyond what I felt capable of after becoming the 3rd teacher of record this year. That I owe to GOD. I just need to sprint to the finish line in order to see the dream that I’ve dreamed since graduating high school 16 years ago.

·         GOD and I have renewed our relationship. Life can kick you, knock you down, keep you so busy fighting that you forget to stay in tune with the one who really ahs your back. Today I renewed my love for GOD. He’s given me another chance to start fresh. I reflected on all he’s been. The gifts given that I could never earn or deserve in this human state. Nevertheless, today I was assured that nothing is impossible. He holds the whole word and even more importantly my world in his hand. I was reminded that all things work out for the good of them (for me) that love him (Romans 8:28).

·         My external drive hasn’t returned to life (major sad face) but most of the people I love are here on earth and I have time to snap a few more photos. As for the files, I’m thinking of a Plan B to back up Plan A since I will be purchasing another external storage drive. I’ve mourned the loss of the valuables that were stored there and I’m placing more value on the memories that are stored in my heart.

We all have them. The best advice can give is whip our your umbrella and enjoy the rain with childlike faith because the aftermath is life that remains to be lived out. I’m singing in the rain!
It is always a pleasure to share another part of the journey with you. Leave a comment and let me know what sunshine has come from a rainy day you have  
experienced lately?



TKWoodson said...

Great blog. Keep on moving forward cuz!

Roodlyne said...

So glad the sunshine has come! I have a smile on my face knowing that my sunshine is right around the corner. Thank you for walking the walk with me and supporting me thru your blog and in IRL.

Nothing is impossible to our GOD
Big Hugs&Kisses

Nikki said...

Powerful post! First, let me say I love that song! Second, I agree, you are much too fabulous to be second guessing if someone is right for you!

I have had many rainy days in my life too many.... but one thing that I have learned is sometimes after it rains you can see a rainbow. I am always looking for the rainbows!

Keysha said...

This post really spoke to my spirit.

Santera said...

This is one of my all time fav songs!!

Ashley said...

Glad things are better. Been there...too familiar with it.

Kerissa said...

This blog is my platform to share my world and you all stopping by to encouraging me during the rough times means alot. I'm just bragging on what GOD has done! Psalm 118:23

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