Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kristin Cason on Spirituality

Spirituality; having a connection to a higher source of life. For me that source is God, I trust Him and I adore Him. My husband is the same. So we make the effort to pray together, read together and read to our daughter & unborn son. We want to raise strong God fearing women and men.  I think every household should incorporate spirituality into their everyday life. Praying before each meal is very important in our household because it’s giving God His due for providing us with food to eat. I give that example because in this economy many people are going without everyday and everyday that you have more than enough is a day that you have been blessed. Many of us, parents, are very adamant about raising our children to be responsible adults. So in that, we teach them to be serious about their education, to be socially responsible, and also to be spiritually responsible. You start with consistency. Be consistent with making sure you pray and your children see you pray because once they see you doing it, they will be more encouraged to do it as well. This is especially this case with my three year old daughter, we’ve been so consistent with praying and praying with her that now she will prompt us to say her prayers with her.

Marriage is something so precious and so dear, yet sometimes not taken as serious as it should or at least not given its due. In our beautiful country, the divorce rates are staggering. I personally think it’s because people have made divorce an option and they have this notion that marriage will be easy. No it’s not easy and it’s even harder when your foundation isn’t firmly built. A way to preserve your foundation is to put God first in your marriage. Invite God into your marriage. An easy way to do that is to pray together, simple prayers asking for His Will and His Grace. Then start reading together, start off with a verse or a chapter. I will never claim to have the perfect marriage but I am striving to come as close as possible. There are times when we are tested, as every person and every marriage will be tested {so do not get discouraged, be ready to get stronger}.  Just pray every time you feel tested. Pray every day. Make sure you stay prayed up, so that way you stay ready. In my house, we pray every day, we read together 3-5 times a week. We pray and read together because we refuse to be stagnant and we understand that a family that prays together stays together.

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