Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confessions: The Camera and I are One!

Yes, today is the today I express my undying love for (insert drumroll here) for the camera. Any camera. Not just my new Canon Powershop SX130. You know the one I got myself for Christmas. The One that KT works better than I do. Although we need to figure out how to do evening and night shots. Help please. 

I'm not sure when or where the addiction set in but I enjoy taking pictures. It isn't something I want to pursue as a side hustle. It is just another side of me. A hobby that brings me pleasure. I had an external drive full of photos from family events, outings, births, a few deaths and of course photos of me and the kids until it crashed a few days ago. I wrote about it here with a major sad face! I even use my camera phone a great deal. 

So imagined what happened when I heard my Sex & the City themed song. I started jumping around and whipping my hair back and forth. Yes, I realize I keep blogging this line and I DO NOT have hair. Just use your imagination will ya? 

I probably shouldn't say this but I made three attempts to make it my ringtone and finally gave up. The teenie booper gods knew I'd make a spectacle of myself reaching for my phone as it blasted this song. 

In the mean time I'll keep posing while mini-me clicks and the flash captures a pose. Afterall, I am ANTM (America Next Top Teacher Model) (in my little ole head)!!



Confessions Of A City Girl said...

I want a really good camera, i may check this one out

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Marcia B. said...

hahaha great blog, you are so funny!

Alicia said...

You look great in all your pics so your lil man can keep clicking away, in my opinion! Hobbies are great, aren't they?

Kerissa said...

Thanks Ladies for stopping by.@Sherine, I'll be sure to check out your blog. I like being neighbors :)
@Marcia, laughing about life is much better than complaining, being bitter and missing opportunities to be dymanic!

Alicia, he's fired! Can't wait for class to be over this week so I can engage in my magazine hobby.I need to catch up starting back in December :(

Mr. BIG said...

Text from KT: Uncle Clayton, can you please fly me to Chicago one weekend? I'm so tired from taking pictures of my mom that I just don't know what to do! Help me, uncle! PLEASE! lol

Kerissa said...

Whatever! He actually has quit, lolol. New text from lil sis: BIG, can you find me a boyfriend that will get me a tripod for our first significant holiday as a gift? Ha ha haaaaa

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