Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Arrival of Gifts

On Friday I received the gift I won from Linka Living. The actual date was 1/31 but I am just getting around to publishing the photos. I haven't worn the jewelry yet but will be sure to capture pictures when I do. 

The sticker on the package was too cute. Thanks Alinka for being my virtual friend, a fellow blogger and a great example of a Godly wife, mom, sister and woman. Friendships no matter how they start are the greatest things as long as they are maintained. 
I love Winne the Pooh!

Cute packaging :)

Designer's Website & contact Info

I'm not a fan of wearing pieces together just because they came as a set so you'll probably see one item with a look and then the other. I never win anything so I was super excited when she chose me. I'm planning pink and red for Valentine's Day on Monday so this may be just the accessory I need. I'm also attending a Vday event this weekend and just might need your help in choosing my look. Stay tuned. 

The same day I also received these cuties (I've worn them at least three or four times already) from a fellow reading coach. To be exact in describing Mrs. Lowe, she has been named Reading coach of the year here in my district a few times. Not only do I appreciate her fab taste in accessories but I hope her talent for supporting literacy rubs off on me. 

Don't you love presents? Especially those that arrive after your born day? What do you think of these accessories?

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