Monday, February 28, 2011

This Generation Educational Disconnect

A few weeks ago,  I shared the video "Bring Your A Game" a 22 minute film directed by Mario Van Peebles that address the state of African American students and graduation. I decided today would be the day after I shared with my students the current grade-book. I was so frustrated with myself, the education system, them and parents. I mean, my grades are all calculated based on the work you do in class for goodness sake. IN CLASS! What am I doing wrong? Am I helping or hurting by allowing them one week to do an assignment? Am feeding their dependency by saying ok we can't go on until you do these tasks from one week or two weeks ago?

The problem with this is the real world isn't going to cater to the needs of my students this way. I know the additional support is needed. I know many don't and won't do any homework so I rarely assign it. It seems to work better if they complete tasks in class and there is support from peers as well as myself or the support teacher (if one is assigned) to ensure success. I WANT THEM TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!

The conversations were different each class period as we watched the film and then discussed our feelings about it. We talked about what new information they learned and the moments where they had an epiphany. I noticed when the conversation turned to sports and truths shared that most athletics won't end up playing pro ball the students interpreted this as me saying they weren't going to be successful. They were all clinging to their extra backpack with changing clothes for practice after school. They were unable to hear the positive. No one wanted to own the team or be the PR woman/man.  Why because this required more than just a basic ability to read and write. My guys don't even consider the fact they need reading skills to learn the play book. 

It saddens me that our students are led to believe they will become doctors and lawyers. One students asked why she needed to know history or science. She was adamant that she wouldn't use any of the information to become a doctor *crickets*. I love this profession but I'm starting to feel my back bending with the weight of my job and the work that is required to get students who are 3 years behind on level. Can it be done? Yes, of course but it takes time for them to catch up.

I was asked every period why jails and prisons were being constructed based on 3rd and 4th grade reading scores. And even when I explained the trickle down effect: not a good reader, writer, lacking basic math skills equated to the jobs that weren't going to yield them Diddy Dirty Money, they seemed to hear again you won't succeed. No matter how many other options I tossed out where they could earn enough income to travel and be their own boss, it was the wrong response from me. 

Where are the answers? It certainly doesn't lie with superman since he took off his cape many years ago. Money isn't the answer or they would pay me and my fellow educators more. Parents aren't totally to blame. When are the students going to take responsibility for themselves? Should they be held accountable?  

I wear the hat of a teacher!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

From an F to an A!

Sunday was the last day of classes for me until the 7th of March. I can't tell you how happy I am to have a moment to rest both my body and mind. The final two weeks were so strenuous! I had to complete to final projects. I know it seem easy to ask why I didn't start on them sooner since the syllabus clearly laid out all the tasks but the weekly applications were enough writing week after week. There were some weeks when I had to read a chapter that was 32 or more pages long and it wasn't the only required chapter or reading. The life of a graduate student. 

I survived (lifts hands in thanks to GOD) but not before freaking myself out. One of the projects I completed was really late. You know those hours of the morning when nothing is going down unless it is illegal...well or spicy? I submitted my paper and exhaled. Two days letter I went back to do a discussion posting and check on the grade. I received an F. I was sick to my stomach. I was sad. I was distraught. I was frustrated. I was furious.  How dare he give me and F, I thought. I made it to the final two weeks of the course and I saw my possibility for an A or B slip through my fingers. I emailed the professor in a nice friendly tone asking him what did I do wrong. I asked him to provide the paper back to me with comments. I asked if there was a major penalty for me missing the 11:59 MST deadline. 

He wrote back and was really nice. He had posted the paper, there was no penalty for my hour late drop in the assignment drop-box and the really couldn't grade my paper well because it wasn't good. After checking out the paper I realized that I posted the draft instead of the final assignment. Whew! You are feeling much better right? Well I needed to be able to resubmit the assignment and ask the Professor to grade it and recalculate my grade. I asked a few people to stand with me in prayer and the prayer team that I am a part of each morning at 7AM EST. I called the professor, left a message that explained what occurred and told him I would immediately post the paper. It was a good thing I was really finished and I had the assignment on my flash drive. I did so and sent an email just to cover all my bases. 

I'm happy to share with you that instead of an F, I earned a B on my final project. Now I'm awaiting the grade on the second one and my final grades in both the courses. I learned a lot . I liked the organizational management and leadership course better than ethics and social justice. I'm doing my research into the possible options that I'll have once I complete this degree although that's a few  years from now. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy my week off. I'm so very grateful for another prayer being answered. I'm proud of myself. Some nights I sat on the floor and cried I felt so overwhelmed. I would tell myself if you quit that's the message  you'll communicate to KT. I didn't. I can acknowledge that I didn't do this own my own. As Whitney sang in her hit "I Didn't Know My Own Strength":

I didn’t know my own strength
And I crashed down, and I tumbled
But I did not crumble
I got through all the pain
I didn’t know my own strength
Survived my darkest hour
My faith kept me alive
I picked myself back up
Hold my head up high
I was not built to break

I can say this with assurance because GOD'S grace is made perfect in my weakness!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain Serves a Purpose

My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
There’s no more rain in this cloud
-Angie Stone-

For every moment of hardships there's an over abundance of joy. That is where I’ve arrived again. Yes again because we all go through rough moments where we aren’t living our best life. So that you better understand why I’m singing along with Angie about sunshine let me tell you what has happened over the last week and a few days..

·         Someone decided to walk away. He disappeared for 4 days (as in no contact – I didn’t hear from him and this was after we’d just hung out!) and when he resurfaced I was over it. Moms says her children are too much like her. We can desire to be in a relationship with someone but if they don’t live up to our expectations we bounce. Truth! I was feeling him but not enough to put up with inconsistencies. He asked for a hiatus and I said good bye all in the matter of 3 text messages. Could be a bad thing that I’m not a fighter or is it that I’m learning to fight for what is real, what’s genuine. He and I had gone down this let’s call it quits road before. I decided I’m to fabulous to spend time second guessing if someone is right for me. I’m reminded of the saying if you care about something set it free; if it’s meant to be it will return. I’m sure if he has an epiphany and finds out that no one could have loved him better he’ll find his way back and he’d work like Joseph did for Rebecca (Bible story) if he wants to win my heart.

·         Graduate school has stressed me to the max. This week marks the last week of classes. I’m a few points away from an A and these grades are without factoring in the final project that’s worth 36 points. The kicker is the final projects were both due the same time. One was easier to complete than the other. As I write this I also preparing mentally to finish the final 8 page paper. I love going to school but it is tough. I’ve been told to pace myself. That I don’t need to hurry. But for me this goal is urgent. I hate going to work daily feeling useless. My students are doing well. Many are excelling beyond what I felt capable of after becoming the 3rd teacher of record this year. That I owe to GOD. I just need to sprint to the finish line in order to see the dream that I’ve dreamed since graduating high school 16 years ago.

·         GOD and I have renewed our relationship. Life can kick you, knock you down, keep you so busy fighting that you forget to stay in tune with the one who really ahs your back. Today I renewed my love for GOD. He’s given me another chance to start fresh. I reflected on all he’s been. The gifts given that I could never earn or deserve in this human state. Nevertheless, today I was assured that nothing is impossible. He holds the whole word and even more importantly my world in his hand. I was reminded that all things work out for the good of them (for me) that love him (Romans 8:28).

·         My external drive hasn’t returned to life (major sad face) but most of the people I love are here on earth and I have time to snap a few more photos. As for the files, I’m thinking of a Plan B to back up Plan A since I will be purchasing another external storage drive. I’ve mourned the loss of the valuables that were stored there and I’m placing more value on the memories that are stored in my heart.

We all have them. The best advice can give is whip our your umbrella and enjoy the rain with childlike faith because the aftermath is life that remains to be lived out. I’m singing in the rain!
It is always a pleasure to share another part of the journey with you. Leave a comment and let me know what sunshine has come from a rainy day you have  
experienced lately?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confessions: The Camera and I are One!

Yes, today is the today I express my undying love for (insert drumroll here) for the camera. Any camera. Not just my new Canon Powershop SX130. You know the one I got myself for Christmas. The One that KT works better than I do. Although we need to figure out how to do evening and night shots. Help please. 

I'm not sure when or where the addiction set in but I enjoy taking pictures. It isn't something I want to pursue as a side hustle. It is just another side of me. A hobby that brings me pleasure. I had an external drive full of photos from family events, outings, births, a few deaths and of course photos of me and the kids until it crashed a few days ago. I wrote about it here with a major sad face! I even use my camera phone a great deal. 

So imagined what happened when I heard my Sex & the City themed song. I started jumping around and whipping my hair back and forth. Yes, I realize I keep blogging this line and I DO NOT have hair. Just use your imagination will ya? 

I probably shouldn't say this but I made three attempts to make it my ringtone and finally gave up. The teenie booper gods knew I'd make a spectacle of myself reaching for my phone as it blasted this song. 

In the mean time I'll keep posing while mini-me clicks and the flash captures a pose. Afterall, I am ANTM (America Next Top Teacher Model) (in my little ole head)!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday Wishlist

I don't know any girly girl whose not a fan of H &M. I was catching up on emails and blogs I follow Tuesday evening and lo and behold these items beckoned to me:


I've never worn a peek a boo dress but this right here.  I've noticed them a lot lately even on chicks like me who aren't well endowed in the bosom area (major sad face).  Oh yes, this right here makes me want to ditch the mom part of my title and be a full fledged diva (i.e, Tracee Ellis Ross aka Joan) and hang out with my girlfriends all day in a ritzy part of town with boutiques, pastry shops, shoe stores and restaurants that become hot night spots after dark. I am really serving it up right now, :)!! 

and this maxi dress too. Soft, flirty, blue (one of my favorite colors) and adaptable for a cardie and my cowboy boots for a cool day here in Florida. I can see it being remixed in a similar way to this look in my Maxi Skirt Remixed post.  

I already have this print in a maxi dress from the Spring 2010 Garden Collection and I haven't worn it yet. I'm sooo excited to be moving towards sleveless dresses and sandals...soon really soon!

Which brings me to this Loreto wedge by Lela Rose. 

When oh when can I pick up these in a Payless near me? Sighs...

What are your shopping wants for spring? What store? Whose collection?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There's a song by Maurette Brown Clark that has made a big difference in my life. It has brought the sunshine on a rainy day. Actually, the entire album titled The Dream is great so check it out.

I get a lot of answers that I need through songs. I can't say they are always gospel but they are always meaningful, filled with a message for the situations I'm experiencing both pleasant and unpleasant.

Tonight I felt compelled to listen to her track "My Heart has been Restored". The song speaks to emotions getting in the way and causing her to mistrust GOD'S promises. Here are the complete lyrics: My apologies for the extra long link, I'm blogging from my phone. I couldn't wait to share this with you!!!!! My blogging app has just the basics (sad face).

I put the song on repeat and with lifted hands towards heaven & tears running down my face, I allowed the lyrics to wash over me. My heart was restored once again!!!

I don't know what tomorrow holds and it is less than 10 minutes away as I write this post. I do know that I am what GOD says I am and I must always ALWAYS see myself as such.

I know I'm not the only one looking to live in my purpose. I know I'm not the only one to experience difficult days. As I close out this day, I'm reminded that without a test there's no testimony to share with you. There will be days on adivamomsjourney that will be tear stained, include a mistake, heartbreak, lost and some failure too because its all apart of me being able to say I'm victorious. For today I give HIM praise for this battle that was won. I say to today's events: I am not defeated!

In His Love, mwah!

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At this very moment I need Calgon  to take me away. To anywhere. Any place that doesn't require me to be me. I need a Karrie Bradshaw, BIG and I didn't get married and I'm going to sleep it off on a tropical island in a hotel room that's plush and free moment...and I need it pronto. Ok, I'm asking for a bit much but I really need a time out.

Today I discovered my external drive was damaged. Every picture I've taken for the past two years was stored on the drive. Photos that captured family events, visits from my mom, times with my Grandmother who now suffers from Alzheimer. Every assignments completed and my portfolio for my Master's degree. Recent assignments for my current studies. Tax documents. Music. Most of my blog posts, pictures, ideas were stored there as well. You name it and it is stored on my drive. I know you are thinking I should just get it over since computers and drives and electronic devices malfunction all the time right?

Well this is just added stress that I am not welcoming! I don't need it and I don't want it. I awoke this morning  feeling light (I finished my paper at 2 AM). I was singing Fred Hammond's "This is the Day". You know the words: 

This is the day. 
This is the day.
This is the day that the Lord has made. 
I will rejoice and be glad in it. 

and I'm still trying to remain there. On that cloud. In a  grateful frame of mind because I do realize my current circumstances and happenings has no bearing on GOD being who HE has always been to me, HIS daughter. As much as NeNe Leakes irritates me (and believe me she is annoying times 1000), at this very moment I understand her pursuit to get her happy back. I just want to see the fruits of my labor. Not feel like I'm just existing. Not feel like I'm praying in vain. Trusting and waiting for what can sometimes seem like forever. This isn't a place I want to be and yet it is a real place.

I'm simply exhausted and want to take the "S" off my chest. I want to shed the superhero persona!  I want the focus to be on me in a positive way. I just feel like if I was a single mom with 5 kids by 4 different men, living in low income housing, driving a jaguar, weaved up and wearing 6 inch heels there would be programs and assistance to get me up and moving. But I am up and moving, progressing and making strides. Just not fast enough for me and at just the ride speed for the decision makers who determine where the support should go. How the heck do  I make too much to qualify for free and reduced lunch? Truth is if I were paying off my student loans, KT would be packing his lunch. 

I mentioned to someone today how the higher ups seem to forget the road they traveled to get there. For example, I am looked down on because I limit my outside activities at work and definitely in my social life. Often my colleagues respond to my decline to eat, sleep, inhale and regurgitate work as not caring about the students. When 4 our of 5 mornings, I am racing to get to my students after sleeping for 3 hours. Yes, I'm serious!!! On the other hand, it was okay for them to pursue promotion, strike a balance and achieve their own personal goals. What's with the double standards?

At the end of the day, I won't quit, won't give up and won't be broken. I'm stronger with each tear...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 1st Blog Anniversary

Good morning to you! I can't believe today marks a year that I've been writing and sharing with each of you. The best part of this year has been sharing myself, my passions, struggles, love for all things fashionable as I've grown into a better me. It has been an amazing year finding my writing voice again. I've kept a prayer journal for many years. I studied creative writing in college and enjoyed writing papers. I still do although most of them have an academic focus. 

When I first begin blogging, I wasn't sure that anyone would read it since I wasn't the typical single mom, divorced or widowed. At times I'm still not sure that anyone is really reading even after viewing the stats. Yet, I continue to write in hopes that someone is encouraged. 

What was most important to me about this blog, being able to write was having an outlet to release the stresses that come with being a semi superwoman, to honor those who support me and the kid and to showcase the joys that come from knowing GOD and trusting that the plan is one of peace & joy.

I'm really thankful for all of you who visit my blog, read and comment.  It really means alot to me and is very much appreciated! A divamomsjourney would not be the same without you. I hope you continue to come back time and time again as I journey into the next phase of life, of blogging, raising KT and graduate school. 

In honor of this occasion, I'd like to do my first blog giveaway to a parent. The PRIZE is this book: 

      1. Leave a comment on the post with the following:
             Share your child(ren)'s favorite picture book  
             and help me celebrate by telling me what you enjoy  
             about my blog.
     2. You must be a subscriber to my blog.

The contest is open to parents ONLY! I will only ship within the United States. Sorry I'm on a single mom budget :)

Giveaway closes Tuesday, March 1st at 11:59 PM EST. 
I will put all names in a hat and have KT pick the winner. 


Good luck!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shades of Blue

One of my favorite colors is blue. The janitor and all my Spanish speaking students call me Ms. Azul, which I adore and think is soooo cute since I want to be a Cubanita in my next life. Only my dear friend Abdi understands this desire. I rarely wear shades of blue together purposely but this look just came to me and seemed right. The shirt dress is really old from everyone’s one stop shop for all your needs boutique. That would be Target! We can all agree it is the store that you can’t just visit the grocery section or beauty products. You spend more than $20 bucks each visit. Right?

The pumps are from Aldo. I purchased them when the nude crazy was jumped off. I have a ‘friend’ who is a fashionable diva dude (yes, he knows I call him this). He wasn’t crazy about them. His response when I asked his opinion before purchasing was they were an ok shoe for work.

Well in these photos with my 69cent tights from Goodwill, my shoes went from plan jane to stylish educator! Don’t you think so? I also have a matching clutch but didn’t carry it the day I wore this outfit. On my next tattoo adventure I’d like a butterfly until that time my brooch will have to serve as my representation of freedom that I am longing for.

The sweater was a December gift from my mom during our Goodwill excursion during her Christmas visit. We walked away with two large bags of goodies for less than $50. Thankful for her senior discount J! The belt was a snagged thrifting as well.

This final shot KT did was perfection for me. I’ve been really paying attention to the makeup advice on Twitter from Sam Fine and other great makeup artists. I think my blush was Exhibit A and the lippie was Viva Glam IV.  I felt beautiful after seeing the picture because I didn’t look made up.

Ms. Azul *aka*

Passing on the Love Bug to YOU!

Love yourself.
Love others.
Always count on HIS love. 

P. S. To the single mom and dad: Indulge in the hugs, homemade cards & crafts from your child(ren). Do something special for yourself. Remember two whole people form a complete circle. Celebrate the love that surrounds you. Don't shortchange yourself because you are single. Come back tomorrow and share how you spent your day. I'm looking forward to it (:

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Arrival of Gifts

On Friday I received the gift I won from Linka Living. The actual date was 1/31 but I am just getting around to publishing the photos. I haven't worn the jewelry yet but will be sure to capture pictures when I do. 

The sticker on the package was too cute. Thanks Alinka for being my virtual friend, a fellow blogger and a great example of a Godly wife, mom, sister and woman. Friendships no matter how they start are the greatest things as long as they are maintained. 
I love Winne the Pooh!

Cute packaging :)

Designer's Website & contact Info

I'm not a fan of wearing pieces together just because they came as a set so you'll probably see one item with a look and then the other. I never win anything so I was super excited when she chose me. I'm planning pink and red for Valentine's Day on Monday so this may be just the accessory I need. I'm also attending a Vday event this weekend and just might need your help in choosing my look. Stay tuned. 

The same day I also received these cuties (I've worn them at least three or four times already) from a fellow reading coach. To be exact in describing Mrs. Lowe, she has been named Reading coach of the year here in my district a few times. Not only do I appreciate her fab taste in accessories but I hope her talent for supporting literacy rubs off on me. 

Don't you love presents? Especially those that arrive after your born day? What do you think of these accessories?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I’m feeling stuck! Many of you may be shocked to be reading this but it is the T.R.U.T.H. I’m not sure if I’m more frustrated with myself or with the process of where I’d like to see myself after I get some of this grad school course work under my belt.  
You know when you dream the dreams. You write them down. It’s plain and clear even though it isn’t one that will happen overnight. But mishaps happen and you feel like you’ve been kicked in the gut, leaving you in a daze and wondering if you missed GOD’S guidance! Now I’m at the point of second guessing myself again. Second guessing: The career path. Life’s direction. The next step.

Funny thing is I’m one of those driven individuals who will passionately pursue any endeavor.  I don’t mean that I’m trying to be great at 10 different crafts. I can acknowledge that I’m not extraordinarily gifted at everything. While other things come naturally to me or the activities are just enjoyable and I find pleasure in doing them.

Lately though I’m not there. I told my BIG sister that I feel like I’m back peddling. . . . . whatever that means. I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels pursing a path working with youth. You know for every success there seems to be a setback. It isn’t always a major one but enough to off center me and cause me to retreat. Rethink what the prize(s) at the finish line should be/are. I pause to reconsider if I’m missing the mark and not walking the path HE has set before me.

Anyhoo I’m grateful for all the support that I’ve received from my dear friends who’ve listened to me go on and on about wanting something more. Needing something more. Not clothes. Not a man. Not money. That place of fulfillment. That place where I’m giving my best to others in need. I must find my way from there to here and soon!

Have you experienced a moment in life where you need to transition from your current place to a place of fulfillment, one of joy, of serving because it’s rewarding (not just financially) and peaceful?

Still swimming J,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kristin Cason on Spirituality

Spirituality; having a connection to a higher source of life. For me that source is God, I trust Him and I adore Him. My husband is the same. So we make the effort to pray together, read together and read to our daughter & unborn son. We want to raise strong God fearing women and men.  I think every household should incorporate spirituality into their everyday life. Praying before each meal is very important in our household because it’s giving God His due for providing us with food to eat. I give that example because in this economy many people are going without everyday and everyday that you have more than enough is a day that you have been blessed. Many of us, parents, are very adamant about raising our children to be responsible adults. So in that, we teach them to be serious about their education, to be socially responsible, and also to be spiritually responsible. You start with consistency. Be consistent with making sure you pray and your children see you pray because once they see you doing it, they will be more encouraged to do it as well. This is especially this case with my three year old daughter, we’ve been so consistent with praying and praying with her that now she will prompt us to say her prayers with her.

Marriage is something so precious and so dear, yet sometimes not taken as serious as it should or at least not given its due. In our beautiful country, the divorce rates are staggering. I personally think it’s because people have made divorce an option and they have this notion that marriage will be easy. No it’s not easy and it’s even harder when your foundation isn’t firmly built. A way to preserve your foundation is to put God first in your marriage. Invite God into your marriage. An easy way to do that is to pray together, simple prayers asking for His Will and His Grace. Then start reading together, start off with a verse or a chapter. I will never claim to have the perfect marriage but I am striving to come as close as possible. There are times when we are tested, as every person and every marriage will be tested {so do not get discouraged, be ready to get stronger}.  Just pray every time you feel tested. Pray every day. Make sure you stay prayed up, so that way you stay ready. In my house, we pray every day, we read together 3-5 times a week. We pray and read together because we refuse to be stagnant and we understand that a family that prays together stays together.

Fellow Blogger,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet My Guest: Kristin D. Cason

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to celebrate my upcoming bloggerversary. I tossed around a few ideas on Twitter and received positive feedback on allowing a guest blogger. Meet Kristin!  

dIvAmOm: Please tell my readers a little bit about yourself. 

KristinDanielle: Well I am a married stay at home mom, I have a three year old daughter and am currently pregnant with my second child, our son. I am currently in school for my associates degree in accounting. And believe it or not, I'm only 23. I live in Chicago & unfortunately was dealing with the blizzard last week.

dIvAmOm: Why did you agree to guest blog for me?

KristinDanielle: I agreed to guest blog because I really like your blog site, it's very interesting. And I love your tweets. I also love the fact that you are a teacher who enjoys teaching and are teaching our children well!

dIvAmOm: Do you maintain a blog where readers can get more from you?

KristinDanielle: Readers can get more from me on either my twitter @Kris_Bush or my blog

dIvAmOm: Share something random about yourself. 

KristinDanielle: I love rollerskating, like Roll Bounce! 

Kristin will be sharing with us here tomorrow. Be sure to check backto read her feature. I'm excited that she agreed to share her writing here with us as we journey towards greatness!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

How was your weekend? I actually did a quick get away. Yes, shocking eh?  I took a day and a half from my steady grind to have some fun. Friday night I attended a dinner with family and friends. It was an early Valentine's Day event. We shared a spaghetti dinner, desserts, lots of laughs and filled a basket with VDay cards for foster children. Isn't that an amazing idea? Instead of making the holiday about self, KT and I were able to participate in an activity that focused on someone else. So this year we've shared our love in a special way with children who a less fortunate. 

I also was able to spend time relaxing with friends and alone. I got in a game of golf although I was only able to play 8 holes before being rained out. The location had live gators. Imagine that! If my golf ball had landed in one of the little waters and knocked one out. That's a funny visual. I'm a sucker for good food and fine dining. I was treated to lunch at Bahama Breeze. It was my first time and I can assure you I will be taking the kid soon. The Cuban bread appetizers were delicious. Ok, yes I confess....I want to be Cuban in my next life, lololol! 

Later Saturday night after a good nap I saw my boyfriend (in my head) Jason Statham in "The Mechanic". I love action movies. A few of my favs are: "Taken", "300", "Gladiator", "Crank", "Takers" and a plethora of other movies these are just the ones that came to mind. I'm actually a movie junkie. When dvds were first released on the market I would purchase every movie I saw in the theater. Now I just get them from the public library and watch them every day, sometimes twice a day for the week I have it. 

I awoke Sunday to a rainy view of the city from the 16th floor of my hotel. The silence, the rapping of the rain on the window and the lights from the city were enough to make me exhale and bask in that moment of solitude. I told my bestie later at brunch that sometimes you need to get away and be alone to be rejuvenated. I had plans to visit the spa on my birthday and didn't follow though but there is one shining brightly in my future. I'm going to take my own advice starting now :)

Brunch at Dexter's and a mimosa with the bestie closed out the weekend. The biscuits with fried chicken topped with house made chicken sausage gravy and seasonal jam on the side set me up for an extra long nap that lasted through the first half of the Superbowl. By the way, I really wanted to the Steelers to win. On the other hand their QB really needs to do some jail time. Dude, is a criminal!!

Monday is here and real life calls. I'm glad I was able to have some time away. I came home to my kid, hugs and sunny skies (it was rainy and chilly where I was). Let's pray that I accomplish all the tasks I need to get done and that this week's assignments earn me enough points to grant me the As I desire in both my graduate courses.

Remember my bloggerversary is in one week. Stay tuned for a few new voices here this week. The giveaway is still on. I'll write a post about it soon. Still not sure if I should open it now or on the bloggerversary date. Suggestions?

Air Kisses,

Friday, February 4, 2011

My 100th Rant

Happy Friday Folk, 

I’ve missed you all so much. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity this week to write. Graduate school has been on 200%. I know that you’ve been expecting a post to celebrate the 100th especially after I made it a goal to have 100 postings before my bloggerversary. Are you excited to mark this year with me? Blogging is an extension of my journey and I’m appreciative of you being here.

I’ve been pondering so many things lately. It appears that life is constantly dealing me some very interesting hands. This post won’t be to complain because you all know that when life gives me lemons, I’m going to make the coldest pitcher of lemonade and share it with you all.

I am writing this post at 2:42 AM so please don’t expect it to be deep. Instead help me make your time here more beautiful, informative, worthwhile, enjoyable and interactive. How can I you more involved when you stop by? I want to connect with you. I’d like to find out if someone is being encouraged, uplifted and blessed by the experiences I share here. That’s the purpose of me being here. The reason for writing. Yes, I love the clothes, makeup, laughs, throwback videos from the 80s, music that makes us want to be booed up if we are single. Those things are a part of what makes me who I am, the person I am able to share with you.

But beyond that are the miracles that have happened in my life; GOD’S divine intervention, prevention and protection that’s sustained me when I didn’t really believe I could go on, that I was capable of raising KT alone  (without a mate) and he would turn out fine (he’s doing superrific!) or that I’d be pursing higher education. Those glimpses into my life are what I enjoy sharing more than anything as a testament to the reason I keep a smile, a song and a twirl when I’m wearing a fierce thrifted dress !

As we move into the next phase of this road I must travel, the journey (I am emphasizing the blog title here) I hope you will continue to participate. Please consider giving me feedback, sharing the posts that inspire you with others and asking me questions. If you look in the sidebar you’ll see that I want blogging to give you the real me: a daughter, sister, friend, preacher’s kid, mother, educator, student, natural-haired, fashion and makeup lover perfectly imperfect woman who loves GOD, makes mistakes but will get back up again, dust myself off and get right back in the game of life.

Today it is my prayer that you find more hope, strength, endurance, patience, manifestations of HIS promises being revealed and your weekend brings rest, renewal and a moment to reevaluate where you are headed.

P. S. did this turn out to be a bit deeper than I envisioned?...thought it was just me. Ha ha haa!

In my traveling shoes,
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