Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week at a Glance

I am finally getting around to posting what I wore the week leading up to my 30th (crosses heart) cake day. Did I tell you that instead of cake I had the best strawberry cheesecake? Oh my it was yummy! I'll be sure to capture a picture next year. I usually order cake but my girlfriends weren't with me this year and I knew mini-me wasn't going to eat an entire cake with me.

I prepare all my clothes for the entire week on Sunday evening. This week was no different. I didn't get unusually glammed up but I did feel different. Some folks may question it since i was turning a year older but I felt like I was moving forward into a new year for the most fabulous things to come my way. 

Do you look forward to your birthday? 

Mini-me took the pictures. Hope you like them. On Tuesday (Monday was MLK Day = no school) I wore:

Walking the lines in a Target parking lot (:

Found these great accessories at H&M
Bows & shades of pink
Wednesday I remixed the dress from this post.

Thursday's look was my favorite! Yes, this dress was thrifted. Most days when I thrift I'm looking for dresses. Dresses remind me of my mom. She agrees. She'll say I had a dress like...when she sees my photos. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Peek A Boo

Yes, the Michael Kors shoes again!

My students wanted to have a "party" for me since I was off on Friday. We had a few snacks and then jumped right into the lessons. They actually thought I would give them the entire day off. They forget I believe in No Child being Left Behind (*sideeye*).

The week was good. I refused to allow anything to off center me before Friday. I'm still reveling in the beauty and joy of it all. Birthdays are magical. They must be if I am still writing about it, right?

Air Kisses,


Stephanie Alva said...

GO DIVA!!! You looked lovely! How am I gonna match that for my birthday this year?!

Alicia said...

Love it! The shoes, the accessories, the outfits... work it!

Roodlyne said...

in your first pic you truly look like a life size Barby doll. Too cute!

Kerissa said...

You ladies are too king. @Stephanie, you know you can handle doing it BIG (yep I went there) and I'm expecting an invite this year (hint, hint).
@Alicia, I love working it. Feeling fabulous energizes me to give 100% when I walk out my door to serve my students. @Supermomplace, I never want to grow up so don't encourage the life sized doll in me :)

GFS said...

I love that dress! You can remix it so many ways. I truly envy your height! Your are so long and lean! I love it!

Kerissa said...

Reiko, thanks for stopping by again. You know I need to be right so that when we meet someday I'll be ready for our adventure cause your life is full of fabulous happenings!

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