Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

I'm a sucker for Pandora and old school R & B. heck, I'm a sucker for love or at least the bubbly feeling you get on the inside when it's new. I grew up with my older sister playing the Quiet Storm on the radio at night. We would turn the radio down low and listen to the loooovveee jams, lol. 

Now that I'm partially grown up, I still believe in fairy tales, summer loves and my KING finding me who will think of me day and night. 

And I can get lost in a Babyface song all day every day. Do you have any favorite throwback jams?

Happy Friday,

1 comment:

Roodlyne said...

'tis a throw back :)

I would say that I love that song too but that would be showing my age so I'm just gonna *winkwink|lookStraightAhead* is that jerry curl they rocking? LOL

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