Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Day, A New Year - Moment of Reflection

The first day of 2011 is officially over as I write this post, I wold love to tell you that I spent the day doing something fantastic but I was in bed until well after 6 pm. KT came into my room a few times to check on me as he usually does when I'm having a blah or lazy day. I slept on and off, read blogs that I follow, checked in on my own blog, caught up on my YouTube subscriptions and sent a few text messages. 

After a quick shower, the kid and I went to iHop for our first meal of the day. I’m not sure why he didn’t eat anything. It has a lot to do with him being a bit sensitive and feeding off my behaviors. Yes, parents our children (especially if they are in single parent homes) will be plugged into our emotional state.

Now I’m up cooking dinner for tomorrow. I seem to work well when the rest of the world is sleeping. I usually study and write so I can have postings scheduled. I know you are probably wondering why is this blog worthy, right? I’m getting to that. Yes, today was quiet with the exception of three things that occurred that only GOD could have orchestrated. Remember I mentioned earlier that I received a few ummm (clears throat and hopes not to offend anyone) unimportant standard forwarded messages wishing me a happy new year? Well there were three messages that stood out.

Take this journey with me if you will (it is a divamomsjourney blog, J). The first was from my cousin Fe. It read: “Happy New Year…I can feel that GOD has so many blessings for you! Just continue to be a woman of HIS word, and leave the rest up to HIM, XoXo.” I was totally moved by her words. Fe and I go wayyyy back. There is a story behind our relationship and all I can say is that we won the war while the other people lost a battle, our lives were changed and we are forever connected via heartbeats. I sent her a message back saying I surely hoped so because 2010 was interesting. You can read about it herehere and hereI’m sure there are other posts where life was winning but I’ll stop here.

The next message came from my little brother JH. We’ve never met but Twitter did its job and brought us together. He loves the LORD and so we began chatting via BBM (for those of you who have never owned a Blackberry ™ it is Blackberry Messenger an exclusive messaging service that requires a pin). The message read, “Happy New Year Big Sister! I’m grabbing some popcorn and learning to sit back and watch what HE has planned for you this year! I know its big! Love ya!”

All I could do was cry. I didn’t text back. I hit his picture in my Handcents messaging app and called him to personally thank him for his obedience to what GOD asked him to do. Many times we may think it strange when someone literally runs across our minds but I’m asking you to reach out to that individual whenever it happens. You just may save a life! See I was in bed praying and sleeping and praying asking GOD to let me know what my purpose was in 2011. I want this year to be different. I want to be different. I want to know GOD more. Give HIM more. Be used of HIM more. This will mean walking away from some things that occupy my time. This may mean that the dream guy I hope finds me this year won’t until 2012 or never but I’m firmly fixed in my faith that GOD’S plan will blow my mind as it unfolds.

To seal this truth my final message was from a co-worker. I have to say my office mates are the bestest. They are all believers. We can play gospel tunes and not offend anyone, pray together, share our trials & triumphs and encourage each other. Her message read, “Happy New Year to you. The Joseph anointing is heading your way.”

Now you can rationalize this all you want but GOD used people to get a word to me that is timely, exciting and waiting to manifest in my life. I can’t get in the way of my own success this year. I’m doing a vision board before my birthday (19 days from today) and I’m going back to journaling in my prayer journal. I’m reminded of this scripture to write down the vision (your goals and dreams) so that you won’t forget, so you won’t quit and you can see them unfold. That’s what January will be about for me. Seeking HIM to see the vision so I can align my will with HIS will.

The Dreamer,


Anonymous said...

First time reading your blog, as I amagined him in you working his purpose and blessing you as well and others. Like always he never leaves our side, keep being his vessal the sky is the limit to what you can have.

Yours in christ

Unknown said...

happy new year!!

Your Fave Cubanita said...

You never cease to amaze me, my dear friend!!! As always, I enjoy reading your blogs.....and I must say......God has BIG plans for you!!! We don't always see it, but it's remind me of a Disney song I hear often on the Disney channel (yes, I LOVE Disney)..."a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion" takes only one person to make things happen!! You are amazing!!!

Alicia said...

Yes, God has BIG blessings in store for you this year! And I am so happy that I will be on this journey with you to see His work made manifest and come into fruition.

Happy New Year, hun!

PS: You are so RIGHT! Our children DO feed off of our emotions. I learned that the hard way.

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