Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maxi Skirt Remixed

Lately fashion bloggers have been writing about the maxi dress being winterized for colder climates. I don't have a real winter problem here in South Florida; although it was freezing Saturday night at my dinner party (burrrrr) and we ate outside but more about that to come later. I was inspired to share these pictures taken in November when I purchased my cowgirl boots while at home visiting my mom for Thanksgiving. Tips hat to self since I was already rockin' this look.

It appears maxi skirts and long skirts are the "IT" topic. Glad I was already on board just because I liked them. Recently I added another long skirt to my closet. I wore it Saturday night to my birthday dinner party. Stay tuned for pics. I already had this one gifted by a sister-friend from Forever 21 and I've remixed it for work (Sorry, no photos of the remix..hangs head). What makes this post even more worthwhile is my Godmother called this week and asked me to email her the pictures (see below) of me in the maxi dress on the fence. She wanted to know who my photographer was. I proudly gave props to my son once again. So here it is. Hope you like:

What's your take on remixing the maxi skirt? Do you wear summer/spring wares in the winter?


Special thanks to Chandra at http://www.momomod.com and Reiko at God's Favorite Shoes


Alissa said...

I like how you remixed your maxi skirt. Green is such a great color against your skin.

Chandra said...

I have several maxi summer dresses in my closet, but have yet to remix them for winter. I will remix them for spring with light cotton cardigans, blazers, and spring scarves. Thanks for mentioning me!


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