Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Little Engine that Can!

2011 is quickly unfolding and I've jumped in full throttle with a mindset to make the best of these 365 days. No resolutions but I did set some attainable goals. I plan to get nothing less than Bs in my graduate courses (or I'll fail), practice some discipline and focus more on planning my next career move as I purse my studies instead of Facebooking and Tweeting. I'd also like to reach 100 post before my first year bloggversary (my first post) and host my first giveaway for a single parent. Whew...that's a lot but I am capable of doing all things through Christ who grants me strength. 

Thanks for sticking around! Why blog if there aren't any wonderful readers? Keep leaving comments they make me smile. I appreciate them. Invite a friend especially a single mom or dad to share my adventure. Most importantly share with me your plans to live amazingly this year? 


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