Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Life of Love

As I lie here in bed reflecting on this week, these 30 years I've been on earth (sticking to this number, lolol!!) tears are forming in my eyes.

My bestie just left after a tasty breakfast next to the beach & beautiful weather although windy. There is a giant strawberry cheesecake in my fridge waiting for me to indulge in from my big sister. I have a bag of birthday cards, accessories which I love, the number of a cutie I saw at dinner last night & a camera with photos that captured the memories of this week.

I'm feeling all mushy inside & becoming a bit teary eyed thinking of you, of everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to wish me a happy, no HAPPY times 10 birthday. It was amazing!!!!!!!!! I received over 100+ Facebook posts and at least 60 or more from terrific tweeters on Twitter, phone calls and text messages.

What I learned this year is how sincere, genuine, faithful love can be when shared unselfishly. I am so grateful GOD used so many to display HIS love for me. I know my life is important to so many. I'm valued. I'm growing stronger with each tear and each year moving towards being a better me. I'm anticipating miracles this year. I'm open to new opportunities. I'm at peace. I'm living a life full of love.

What valauble lesson did you learn on your last birthday?

Born to be great,

NOTE; My apologies for the picture phone pics (hence the no labels, not that anyone would steal them, lol). Blogger for Android still needs some work.
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Chandra said...

Last year I learned to move on. I learned to stop attempting to please others. I've come a long way, and for that I am thankful. I am so thankful that God can love someone like me. His grace is STILL amazing!


T.Davis said...

God is Good all the time and I thank Him for allowing you to share your thoughts and your love of makeup on this blog! Many Blessing to you girl!!!!

Your Favorite Cubanita said...

On my last birthday, (of which I turned 25 cough cough) I sat in a room with a bunch of strangers taking my final class to get my professional I sat there feeling sorry for myself that I had to spend my birthday in class, I was reminded about how much I am loved each and every time my phone vibrated in my pocket...little reminders of how many people love me and took the time out to remember little ol' me! Every day that I am awake, I thank God for another day, knowing full well, how very short life can be!
I am so blessed to have you in my life!!! And am so thankful to have been a part of you WONDERFUL 30th birhtday!!! ;) I love you so much!!!

Kerissa said...

@Chandra, thanks for sharing and moving on allows the flow of the good to fill what we think may become a void.
@T. Davis, Yes he is. I receive the blessings so I can bless you all, my readers.
@My Favorite Cubanita, 25 eh? LOL! Isn't it the most moving moment to have that epiphany...coming to the realization that you life is a link to some many others and the joy that radiates in the world? I am likewise extremely blessed to have you in my life. Teary-eyed for the road we have traveled!
Thanks to each of you for taking this journey with me, Muah!

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