Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Lesson in Honesty

Tonight KT asked me to sign his practice log sheets for band. I’m not one of those parents who just signs a form and walks away without reading it. Here’s the shocking news, my son lied…YES HE LIED about his practice hours.

He should practice at least 30 minutes or more each day. He’s done this up until 2 weeks ago. The Friday before winter break he was sick and didn’t go to school. I took him to the doctor and he was treated for a sinus infection. This means that all the headaches he’s been complaining about for a while were valid.  

Since he wasn’t feeling well I excused him from practicing but reminded him all weekend and over the break to make up for it by doing a practice session in the morning and one in the evening. I know he’s not a mini adult but being responsible is something he can do at 11. I reminded him but didn't demand him to drop everything and blow his clarinet, he elected to play his PS3 for two weeks nonstop so tonight when I had to sign his forms, I crossed out all the false practices he had written down and I reminded him of his choices.

He looked really miserable when I stated how much he had actually practiced. The teachable moment came when I gave him a pep talk about being great at his craft. I used my career as a teacher for an example. I asked him what were some of the things he saw me doing to be a great educator. His response: “Going to grad school.” My response: “And so it is with musicianship. In order to be great at whatever instrument(s) you choose you’ll need to practice or you’ll just be good instead of great!” Tonight I won't know if he fully understands the value in our conversation. We return to school this week so I should hear more of Hot Cross Buns being played every afternoon.

I’m blessed to have a son who loves music as much as I do. I’m also honored to be chosen to be his mother. I’ve even a bit tickled that the same things my mom told me and I rolled my eyes over are the same life lessons I’m now sharing with my tween. 

What lessons have you had to teach your son or daughter lately?


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