Sunday, January 2, 2011

I've Met Someone New

I peeked in on Twitter (cutting back - fingers crossed) and kept seeing this name Aaron Camper and mixtape on my timeline. Being the music addict that I am, I clicked on his name and checked out his timeline. My initial thought was that it was gospel. Nope that isn’t the only genre of music I listen to. Pray for me! It is the most amazing R & B album I've heard in a while that won't make you cringe at the lyrics (Raheem DeVaughn you are excluded from this category, lololol!!). One of my favorite tweeters @LawrenceDot is always discussing music. Check him out here and see why I snoop on his TL. Dude is mad funny!!

So this artist isn’t new to the world of course but new to me and I just couldn’t resist sharing him with you, my readers. The mixtap is free and can be downloaded from hereI’ve been listening to it all evening since I downloaded it. I can’t pick a fav because the guy had me at the album cover. The man is a perfect creation (thanks GOD for eyecandy) and the kissable looking lips not that we’ve kissed but if only…dreaming again, lol! Seriously, he’s going hard and I’m excited to welcome you to his world.

I'm thinking Julia is going to be my pick from this album but I'm still not quite sure. I hope you check out his site and download the tape while it is FREE. Yes that was not a typo it is FREE. I can't wait to hear what your picks are. Hurry back and leave a comment below and spread the word. 


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