Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Ok to...
Friday was my birthday and I had plans to tweet 30 (yes, I really am ONLY 30 yo) random things about me. Well, that never happened. My day was super fab and I wasn't going to spend all of it tweeting. I did give my followers enough to experience my day (post coming soon) and received so much love that I wrote about it yesterday.

As I reflected on the day, weekend and moments I thought why not share some things I find ok to do on your birthday. Here it goes:
1. Take the day off from work.
2. Encourage someone else to take the day off from work to hang out with you. 
3. Spend more money than you normally would on anything you desire. 
4. Ignore text messages wishing you a happy birthday if you prefer phone calls.
5. Eat dessert for breakfast.
6. Skip doing homework (for all those in grad school).
7. Send your child(ren) to school while you are at home. 
8. Ask a friend to pick your child up from school so you don't have to.
9. Take even more photos of yourself; after all it is your birthday. 
10. Ask a guy for his phone number (I did for the 1st time).
11. Skip straight to the gift cards in the birthday cards you receive. I read every single one with misty eyes!!
12. Eat out and be grateful someone else paid. 
13. Dance to Luke It's your birthday if someone tweets the YouTube link.
14. Display narcissism.

why because it's your born day but once the day is over you must return to being normal. I know bummer right? LOL!

Our first and last love is self-love!

Did I miss anything you find ok to do on your birthday?

Madly in love with me,


Alicia said...

I love, love, LOVE this list! It is so true. We spend SO much of our time taking care of others, that on our birthdays, we should DEF put in the time to take care of ourselves. And love every minute of it.

Happy belated birthday to you, lovely. 30 never looked so good!

Nikki said...

I love birthdays! It's that one day of the year that it can really be all about you and I take totally advantage of it every year! You said it best....."our first and last love is self-love!

Happy Belated Birthday!

I really enjoyed reading your inspiring post when you get a chance check out my blog
so we can inspire each other!


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