Sunday, January 30, 2011

High Praise

Have you ever gone to church not quite feeling like it? It isn't that you don't love GOD. You may be physically tired. You may be battling depression. You may just be sleepy or hungry. You may even be in need of that regular cup of coffee you have daily. Whatever the reason, GOD always finds a way to get to your heart.

Yesterday I had a rough evening. I woke up excited about morning worship. My Sunday's at church grants me weekly fuel. I awoke early enough and made it to prayer. Our leader prayed an awesome, heartfelt, "I know it reached heaven" prayer. But I needed a break through. One that granted freedom, tapped into my GOD given joy & helped me reach beyond the current blah moment I was experiencing.

The choir sang this song and immediately my troubles took flight. I was reminded that our GOD deserved nothing but the best from me while in the sanctuary. He deserves the best anytime because I'm a representation of HIS goodness. At that moment the high praises begin to flow!

In HIS unmatchable love,
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Lana said...

What an awesome God we serve!

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