Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Me Plan a Party


I am exactly two weeks away from my bloggerversary. I'm shocked! When I started writing this blog it was just for fun. I was spending too much time on Twitter and was told you need to start a blog. At the time I wasn't a huge follower of other blogs. I read Supermom's Place and a few others that were linked to her blog. Being the challenged woman I am when it comes to saying "NO", I jumped right in. My first post introduced me to the one reader who was behind me at the time. She even wrote a post to introduce me here. I had entered the blogsphere world (confetti, music and applause).

Almost a year later I'm really glad I did. Yesterday in church, a fellow Seminole, educator and natural-haired friend told me after we greeted each other that she loved...YASSSS loved my blog. I was super duper happy. Coming from her it meant alot. My stats are showing that you are actually stopping by and that means a great deal. I'm honored you take time out of your day to read my thoughts and I pray that you are inspired, encouraged, uplifted, laughing, dreaming bigger and cheering me on because I really love doing this.

I'd like to do two special things to celebrate my year here on the world wide web. One is a giveaway to a single mom or dad ONLY. I'm really grateful for all my readers but one passion I have is to see single parents pursue their dreams despite how difficult it can often times be. The other is to feature a guest blogger. You can write about anything you deem worthy for my audience but appropriate.

I'm extremely grateful you are here. It gives me a reason to write, to sing my song, to speak of HIS love and to be an example to someone whose life may not be the typical cookie cutter, living the American dream journey that YOU CAN MAKE IT! Stay tuned, I have more ideas to make your visits better & questions to solicit your feedback for improvement that I'll be sharing soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about  these ideas? Do you have any other suggestions I can entertain to commemorate my year of blogging? I'd really love to hear from you.

Yours Truly,


Stephanie Alva said...

You are SO awesome! Cant wait to celebrate your bloggerversary with you!

Chandra said...

What an excellent way to commemorate a milestone in the blogosphere! While I can't participate in the giveaway, I'd love to suggest possible guest bloggers or even be considered for your guest blogger post.

Have a blessed day!


Unknown said...

It's cute to see you use the word Yaaas like me lol, Congrats on your Anniversary to one yr. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope to be added to your daily reads :)

Alicia said...

These are GREAT ideas! I, too, am very passionate about seeing the single parents out there live their BEST life! Being able to connect with someone like you is one of the reasons that I started blogging. And continue to blog!

Tima said...

Congrats on making it one whole yr!! At times its not easy blogging but Im happy youve made it to this point and hopefully many more!!

Editor & Chic

Roodlyne said...

awww! I feel like a proud mama, I'm so excited about your first bloggerversary and even more excited about your future. Yay you!

now how you gonna put exclusivity on the giveaway? *sideEye*

SuperMom <3 DivaMom

HBrummett said...

I am stopping by from the Friday Hop. I am now a follower and look forward to reading more from yoU! I hope youw ill stop by and visit me too!

Marie said...

Congrats on your upcoming bloggerversary, that is quite an accomplishment!

I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop and really enjoying my first visit!

Kerissa said...

Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts. I'm still tossing around what I'm going to actually do here on the blog for that day but all the support will ensure that it is a success. Welcome to all the new subscribers. Glad you are here.

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