Sunday, January 9, 2011

Health = Happy

I’ve been told I over think everything. This may be a truth about me. I did it today. I was reading a blog post by my dear friend Roodlyn over at  She’s the reason I started blogging. We share a few things in common and soon our friendship turned into bloggership as well. Today she wrote about having a merry heart because her two beautiful daughters were healthy.  You can read it  hereIt seems she was inspired to share this story after reading a blog post from a seasoned blogger here and here 

Immediately I thought of Reagan whose daughter Piper Jane has CCMSThe night I stumbled up on her blob (yep not a blog); I read post after post after post about Piper Jane and smiled and giggled at all the wonderful pictures. Reagan is brave to share her story. I’m inspired to stop whining about being single, my son’s father being in another state (we can drive to drop off and pick up in one day) or anything minor that I’ve made into a major disaster. Reagan faces life daily with a strength that everyone needs and she’s quite fashionable doing it. 

Moms and Dads let's pause and say an affirmation of gratitude that your child or children are healthy. Yes you are the only one raising them. Yes it is hard. Very hard. Very VERY difficult. I don't want to compare Reagan, CouponMommyof3 and our lives but I do want you to find the positive in their stories. Find the positive in your own story PLEASE! Reagan's blog could very well be a daily report of a sad story. She could share with us how she hates the road that has been set before her family. Instead, she gets dressed in the cutest outfits daily and shares real heartwarming moments with her readers. Today I am challenging you to be appreciative of good health. I am. This week I even began participating in a sports activity with KT a few days per week after school. We are playing Boundball. My son can zip through life with no restraints, complications and that makes me happy about health.



T.Davis said...

Im just like you I over think things way way too much. Im trying not to do that but its what makes me unique....:)

Roodlyne said...

God is good. I wanna remind myself everyday how bless i am, though i don't deserve his goodness but God treat me as if I was His only child. You make Blogging so worth it lol im so proud of my bloggy baby :)

Kerissa said...

@Tee, if I could turn it off I would. Sometimes this same trait keeps me from sleeping and it isn't that I'm worried. I just like to hash out every detail even when I know I am so not in control, lol.
@Supermom, God is better than good. It is unfortunate we don't have a better word to express it so others would understand...guess that's why relationship is the only way to know HIM as he really is! Amen? Thanks for pushing me to just write and get it out. I'm blessed to have a blogger mentor =)

Anonymous said...


Reagan said...

Aw, thanks so much for the mention! You're so sweet!

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