Saturday, January 15, 2011

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KT recently took his SRI test at school. This reading assessment provides teachers with researched based data regarding a child's reading abilities. 

He was really excited that his score increased 125 points. I was happy too! Usually, that means a reward of a book but we have too many Wait, can you have too many books? As a reading/English teacher I pushed literacy in my home before my son was born. I've always encouraged him to read. We've spent countless hours reading together. 

I would set up reward programs to encourage him to read. If the novel had a movie available and he read the book, I would purchase the dvd or take him to the theater. I would often times check out the same book he was reading or read the chapters after he finished and discuss them over dinner. We even raced to finish the same books :)

It has been a while but occasionally I read pictures books to him on a lazy day or I'll ask him to read me a book or chapter from his current read. For me it is about maintaining a love for literacy so that my son will be equipped to be successful in other classes and courses throughout his academic career. 

I can't emphasize enough the connection between reading and math and science and social studies. I've spoken with numerous math teachers and we all agree that if a child is a good reader they have a lead on performing well in math courses. 

Despite what statistics report there are African American children reading. I spend a lot of time in the library and see parents with their kids. There are young black males who love reading more than just gaming magazines. 

I've included pictures of some of our favorite reads. I hope you'll read a few of them with your family. Challenge your kids in creative ways to read. Share your ideas here with me and my readers. What are some books you enjoy sharing with your child(ren)?

The Library Mom,


Anonymous said...

I do this now and my 3 year old reads to it does work!
Jameka Mallory

Anonymous said...

Lovely reminder that reading is important!!!! My 2 year old daughter loves the book titled "God Gave Us You". She likes other books too but the fact that she has memorized the phrase (cause God gave us you)tells me that I think it's her favorite for now or is it the fact that she's heard it read multiple of times and it's my favorite book????? **and I laough**

Anonymous said...

It works,for a lifetime. I read with my daughter every morning and everynight. Today at 24 her favorite book is still The Easter Bunny.

C Phillips

Anonymous said...

These are great!


Great Job.... I think that it is incredibly important for us to teach our kids to read. However, being employed on the college level I see a lot of kids that enter college and they can not read. Let's make it a point to reach beyond our circle and encourage those who are less fortunate, and don't have parents available to help them read. I am an advocate for reading as well. The more our kids can do for themselves in the education system. The less time we have to worry about them doing in the prison system.

Great Job!

Lenita said...

Your post is so true! You are a great mom---Kris is blessed to have you!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Especially since its about reading and AA boys. Love it. Keep BLOGGING, I am thinking about joining you. Love you,

Kerissa said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am such a literacy advocate as you all know. Growing up in a single parent home I was given the opportunity to travel and dream of things that I didn't have access to within the pages of a book. I hope my students and my own son will see the value.

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