Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue and Grey Day

I love living in South Florida. There are days I wish for a bit of climate change so I can wear winter wares but then I'd complain about the cold. I'm always excited when I find a thin cardigan that can work for the days when the weather is cooler and be thrown in my bag to cover up a sundress when inside a cooler movie theater or restaurant. This grey one was a winner at Old Navy. I even had a coupon to purchase it so I bought 3 for myself and 3 more to give away as Christmas gifts. 

I was channeling my secretary, librarian, teacher look this day. A friend at church said I looked like a barbie doll. She doesn't know that I loathe Nicki Minaj. I felt more like a powerful female executive. The skirt, clutch and belt were thrifted. The tights were purchased at Target (maybe..shrugs). I remember the first time I wore these tights. My dad who was visiting me for the first time told me how much he liked them. Heartwarming moment :) I'm such a daddy's girl *bats lashes*. He went on to tell me that my mother wore tights a lot when they were married. My dad has great style and taste. He worked at Maas Brothers which later became Burdines Department Stores but no longer exists and he'd bring my mom patterned tights. 

She would wear them and be reprimanded at church because they were a bit dramatic for the denomination she was a part of at the time. No I will not name it, lol. Have you attended a church where lipstick wasn't allowed? Especially red? I won't last a day without my mascara and lip color..nope, not one day. I've worn them to church and gotten compliments. Actually these photos were taken after church (again) on a driveway owned by the airport. I don't think planes really use it for anything. KT gave me a double sideeye for picking a spot that had a no trespassing sign. I know and I was all about honesty here

I promise to find locations that are open to the public next time. I was aiming for a library but realized I turned down the wrong street after I was less than a mile or two from home so I just whipped into the entrance, told KT to snap away and jumped back in my truck. All good right? 

The color combination was perfect for the sky the day these were taken. You will probably see these shoes appear a lot. Oh how I love these by the great Michael Kors found on clearance at Macys with two coupons used to purchase them. They are sooo very very VERY comfortable, fly and the heel says watch me work. Yeah, this would make a great W.E.R.K look. What do you think? Good look for a day in the classroom?



Roodlyne said...

you do look like a barbie doll lol

T.Davis said...

Im jealous of your weather!!!! Please bring some to NY. You look lovely as always

RevealingBeaute said...

You are on a punishment for being the fabbest right now!!!! I can't takes it. You look HOT! Love love love the tights! I have some small checkerboard grey/black ones I got @ WalMart for $5. You did this well!!! *hugs & fashion kisses*

Kerissa said...

You ladies are so generous with your comments and approval of my desire in my head to be a runway model. Thanks for indulging me, lolol.

Chandra said...

A million times YES. I am in love with these tights, the cardigan, the shoes, and the pencil skirt!


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