Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I've decided to put together a few things I want for my birthday. The celebration began on January 1st, the official day is the 21st and the month long celebration will commence on February 1st. Just in time to celebrate someone else's born day and for me to get in line to hate on Valentine's day since it looks like I won't be booed up. I'm planning a dinner party at some fab seafood or Cuban restaurant. Where? I have no clue. All I want is to get dressed up, be chauffeured to a nice spot preferably waterside and enjoy some fine dining, wine and good music. I'm open for suggestions, email me your recommendations. In the mean time you can persue the list and send anything you feel compelled to gift to me. 

NOTE:I am REALLY joking. I don't expect my readers to send gifts but birthday greetings here on the blog and on my Twitter timeline would be nice. 

1. Shoe clips like these:
2. Giftcards to some of my favorite stores like:

and Macy's, H & M, Walgreens or Goodwill if they had them (giggles).

3. A few brushes from Sigma. I've read so many positive reviews about them and I want to look like Sam Fine was my MUA for my birthday. In the meantime, I'll just keep trying to win them from beauty bloggers.

4. most importantly, I want to share the day with family and friends at a great restaurant and dance until the sun comes up. Watch for an invite!

The Birthday Girl,

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