Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Amazing Moment!

Just when I think GOD can't wow me anymore than I deserve (I say this because there is no limit to HIS favor and blessings) someone else supports my dreams. Often times I look at others who are doing great things and are well known and wonder if I will ever reach masses as they do. Maybe I won't reach millions but I'm grateful for those lives who are shaped, touched and encouraged through this blog.

LifeCoach Stephanie Alva and I have connected on Twitter. You can read about her here: http://www.mylifekeys.com/motivators.htmlAs you know yesterday was a chance for us to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as reconnect to GOD and be renewed in our faith to pursue our passion and dream. She moved me to tears with the daily motivational newsletter she sent about her grandmother (please be sure to sign up). For those of you who don't know my Grams overcame many obstacles in our small town to become one of the first respected females in the ministry during a time when many believed women had no place preaching the gospel. I am honored that her spirit lives on in me and fuels my passion for success. Last night Stephanie used her personal twitter and that of the company: http://www.mylifekeys.com/stephanie.html to share my blog with her followers. Wow! Awesome!

I'm not the best writer although I've been trained as a writer and do enjoy it. I find blogging to be therapeutic and a way to share my faith, glimpses of my life including the struggles but most importantly the blessings HE has rendered unto me and KT. Thank you for the role you have played in me becoming the woman I am today. As I move towards celebrating my birthday this weekend I salute you, our connection and the new year that I plan to live fabulously as I live for the Kingdom of GOD to shine for the world to see. 
Air Kisses

With a faith smile,
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BessieAkuba said...

Amen! And have a wonderful birthday weekend

Stephanie Alva said...

You are such an AMAZING Spirit and I am so honored and overjoyed that Clayton introduced us on Twitter. I see the amazing, life-changing impact that you are having in our world now and in the future and I'm PROUD to say I know you. Our connection is undeniable and I look forward to joining forces with you and showing the world what faith, positivity, love, and motivation can do when you apply it. Continue sharing your light with the world.. we need you!!!!

Kerissa said...

@The Fabulous Do Gooder, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll be sure to share how I spent my weekend with you and the rest of my readers.

@Stephanie, you are an AMAZING woman.Can I come work at your nonprofit? Seriously?! It is undeniable that I've connected with Clayton and now you. What connects us beyond Twitter is our love to see others thriving and living their best life as their best self (does that make sense?)! Your willingness to share my blog resulted in 186 page views...186! yesterday. That was one experience and because of it I'll keep righting some single mom or dad NEEDS to know they can make it as we both have and can continue to learn, grow and strive for more as we honor our ancestors. Love ya. Guess I should have written you an email instead, lolol =)

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