Thursday, January 27, 2011

All Black Birthday!

To end my birthday week, I had a dinner party at Coco Bongos. I have an infatuation with Cuban food thanks to mi favorite Cubanita and English loving friend, who shall remain nameless to protect her privacy (she reads my blog and took most of the photos). The cuisine made love to me and the atmosphere, music, vibe and service was fantastic despite the below 70 degree weather and fierce wind whipping the other ladies' hair back and forth :). 
Malanga chips with garlic & onion mojo dip

chicharrones de pescado 
My friends braved dining outdoors with me. I really appreciate them for it. After a good meal and drinks I was warm enough to pose for a few pictures and dance a bit. 
Umm don't think I like this pic O-o

Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya!
I had an amazing time and can't those who joined me enough for coming from near and far to celebrate my entrance into the world (coughs) 30 years ago. 

Remember I blogged here about things it is ok to do on your birthday? Well these shoes were ok for me to buy because I deserved them for  making it to another new year and because the shoe gods sent them to me. 
My Sex in the City Shoes!
I even had a private moment with Gloria Estefan!
Praying for me to have a fabulous year.
Mini-me shot these with a bundle of enthusiasm before I left for dinner (did you catch the sarcasm?). I've decided that I'm going to include a few extra dollars in his allowance for being my photographer because it has gotten really old too quickly for him. Yet, he loves our new camera..hmmm, smh :(. 

Did I already mention that I didn't have to drive? I felt like a superstar all night. Being catered to (cues Beyonce even though I have a love/hate affair with this diva). My big sister picked me and the bestie up and chaffered us. Of course, the meal was free. There were the hottest guys bringing out the food. One asked if we needed anything else and I responded by saying he really didn't want me to say what I wanted aloud (it was only his telephone number...come back). First time I ever did something like that (applause)!! I called and we chatted briefly. I'll keep you posted. Hey if Gloria says turn the beat around, why not? It is 2011 and I didn't ask him to marry me, right?

Officially closing out the birthday celebration. Thanks for celebrating with me.



Alicia said...

Love the dress. And the shoes! You always look so great in your pictures! And look at you celebrating your birthday all week long! I love it. Go mama!

Kerissa said...

Thanks for the compliments Alicia. I had a blast! I don't shy away from celebrating how much better I've gotten each year because of who I trust, rely on and believe in. You and Aiden have a great Monday!

Fashion Mom said...

you look great with your hair so short and amazing pretty with your black dress x

Kerissa said...

Fanny, I've visited your blog and I'm all fuzzy inside getting a positive comment from such a fashionable mom as yourself. I look forward to sharing in the blogsphere with you.

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