Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Painting the Town with Color


I love holidays but can't recall the last time I went to a Christmas party. This year I was invited to a semi-formal event and jumped at the chance to get out before my graduate courses became too intense. I swear this dress was sent to me by the thrift gods. Now if only I can have one of my favorite blogger's closet sent to me for my birthday. Meet Reiko the creator of GOD'S FAVORITE SHOES. I've been trying out my thrifting finds with her and she's been giving me the thumbs up. Now let's hope i don't develop an addiction such as the one she has, lolol!

I found this dress the day after Thanksgiving for a mere... well it doesn't matter what I paid for it. You will never find this anywhere else because it is sooo old. I'm sure my mother had one when she was my age or a lot younger. It fit great except for the chest area. Not because the dress was poorly constructed but because I'm poorly constructed in the chest area. Yes, I made a joke about myself. Mini-me picked my shoes and I found the handbag at Dots to top off the look.

My weird but long legs :)

Front "Flat" View

Apple Bottom Dress...YES!

Jacket for the nippy S Fla chill

@SamFineBeauty approved face

I'd say ur no longer a virgin! ;))) RT @KTsDivaMom: The makeup virgin is making progress, yes?http://yfrog.com/h25rqojSat Dec 11 2010 09:10:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via Echofon

Here's to my chic Christmas holiday party look for 2010!


T.Davis said...

Love It!!!! OMG about Sam Fine, did you passed out when he replied to ya...LOL

GFS said...

You make me proud! I love it! Wish I had those long legs!

Kerissa said...

@T.Davis, he's tweeted me before. I just usually RT them or mark them as favs. He's such a wonderful presence on Twitter unlike other celebrities.

@God's Favorite Shoes! that means a lot since I'm a thrifting virgin but you sent me to rehab wayyy to early, lol.

Tawana said...

I freaking love thrift store clothes! You rocked that 'fit sooo hard cousin ♥

Kaiba said...

Just lovely cousin. You look flawless. Not everyone can rock the low natural but you"pretty girl rock it".

Tiff said...

Look at my big sis...looking beautiful as ever! Jus lovely...I LOVE IT:)

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