Friday, December 31, 2010

MCB Presents: The Nutcracker

Whenever I have an extended amount of time off, I try to plan a few activities that KT and I wouldn't normally get to do because of my work and school schedule. Last year I wanted to see a performance of the Nutcracker and vowed to save up so we could see it. Well the dream came true!

One of my son's Christmas gift was seeing the Miami City Ballet perform a rendition of the Nutcracker. Can I say it was absolutely magical?? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL!! Prior to departing we had dinner with our extended family and then headed down to The Adrienne Art Center for a family evening of magic, love and dreams coming alive on stage as the performers pirouetted and Marie took us on a journey to see a celebration of things like Spanish Hot Chocolate and Arabian Coffee. I wanted to share a few memories captured of the event. Of course, I was afraid to take my camera out inside the theater, tee hee heee (: Mini-me thanked me for taking him and said he really enjoyed the show. What a well-rounded young man I have.

Mother and Son Night Out

He's super-excited about the show o_O
Dancing is art!
On the street by the advertisement for performance.

Dancing my way into 2011,


Chandra said...

You look amazing. Your smile. Those earrings. That blouse. That skirt! THOSE HEELS. A++


Kerissa said...

Chandra, thank you. Amazing is who I'm trying to become in 2011!

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