Monday, December 20, 2010

The Flood

Today was my first day on Christmas Break. My plan was to take my son to make cookies and take his annual Christmas photo with the Witters, our extended family. I got up around 7:30, called into the prayer line, showered and prepared to get the kiddo ready to be dropped off so I could have a few hours to myself. 

Suddenly, I hear this steady flow in my bathroom. At first I thought I left the shower on because I had gone to bed really late last night after submitting a paper for my Organizational Management and Leadership class so leaving the shower on was a possibility. It wasn't on. Then I thought the neighbors upstairs were taking an extra extra extra long shower (what did they do last night??). I even checked my son's bathroom and found nothing. The sound continued and traveled inside my bedroom. I look up and see nothing,  nada, zilch. 

I sit on the bed preparing to dismiss it and that's when the seed of Chucky delivers a horrible gift. A pipe has burst in the apartment above me and is leaking inside the walls. I immediately call the leasing office and the maintenance man comes right over to shut off the valve.

I made a mad dash to my closet to ensure all was well and thanks be unto GOD it was. Actually, despite the rain on my sunny winter South Florida day I was able to still smile. You see the leak only occurred in the bathrooms and outside the doors of the bathrooms as well as in my bedroom in a corner by the window. I did have some bags of clothes, shoes and other goodies for the Goodwill there but I was able to move them before they were damaged. 

I was amazed the leak traveled over my dresser and tv and ended up in a spot where there was absolutely nothing to damage. I threw up my hands and gave GOD thanks. All the prayers I've prayed and figured my neighbors heard me doing and thought I was probably calling up demons availed much for me today. I appreciate GOD showing me that yes HIS protection is always available no matter the situation. 



jwilli said...

So, basically you're saying you ARE prayed up AND
know the prayers of the righteous availeth much? really? really? (reminds self) i'm at work. i'm at work. i'm at work. i'm at work. I'm just gonna wave my hand and say AMEN! :)

T.Davis said...

God is good All the time and All the time God is Good!

Kerissa said...

Vanessa Bell Armstrong sings it best with her song Prayer Still Works/Good News, amen!

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