Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Community Service

Food & Decor

Tree w/ gifts for the families

Decor Outside Patio 

Saturday was a rainy day all day but warm inside my heart. I spent the day with my fabulous sisters from National Coalition of 100 Black Women at our local chapter's annual Christmas party. The hostess always provides a beautiful atmosphere with delicious food. The fellowship is fun and jovial. Even more importantly is participating in sponsoring two families. They chosen recipients are always single moms. Whoo hoooo to single moms who are grinding! There was the cutest little two year old angel whom I fell in love with at first site. Her mom suffers from Sickle Cell. It was a treat giving to her and her daughter. They cried.We cried and gave out hugs. I snapped photos for our archives and even encouraged the baby girl to open a gift. If only you all were able to see the excitement as she opened her See N Say from Fisher Price. I thought to myself, "this little angel loves learning!" 

Baby girl in the form of an angel
During the time for our luncheon, the rain stopped and the sun peaked from behind the clouds for a split second for me to take a few personal South Florida December weather pictures. This event was so rewarding for me!!!!! I remember when I first moved to South Florida....alone, no family. For the first few years, I was the single mom who was sponsored by someone (it was a private sponsorship) in the church. My church family was very very VERY supportive. It helped out tremendously...Whew (wipes brow). Y'all know beginning teachers don’t make much :) I've made extended family connections through the ministry. Now 6 years later, I'm on the giving end and I'm proud of myself, acknowledging GOD'S hand at work in my life that I was able to grow from being the recipient of a much needed helping hand to helping someone in need who I pray will later pay it forward.  

Thrifted earrings

Thrifted Handbag
Sequined Tank (Forever 21) and Skinny Jeans (NY & Co) all poolside

It truly is better to give than receive,


3 comments: said...

you are absolutely gorgeous, love the earrings so simple and so stunning!

Kerissa said...

Thanks for stopping by Ditchette and for the compliment. You are pretty fab yourself in that avatar. I'll be stopping by your blog as well. Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

Great pictures. I like when different organizations do things like this. I really need to find a few orgs to volunteer my time towards as I'm putting my own together. Thank you for placing the URL in your post.

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