Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday

I have never been a Black Friday shopper. I don't care what stores are offering and at what discounted price. I am not waking up at the crack of dawn to fight with some insane individual over an item we probably both do not need. I did venture out this year and I can point the finger at my mom. This visit home was for Thanksgiving and it was delightful. I was able to pick-up some really fly Western boots for lower than $85.00. All leather, tan and a fierce pointy toe. Mom and I decided to show off our new looks in the front yard. I had mini me taking pictures with my digital camera. I'm hoping to buy a real camera for my birthday but that isn't what this post is about, LOL! 
Western World Boots


Mom & I
I've seen so many young ladies  try earnestly not to be like their mom but not me. My mom is super duper fly. She is my Woman of the Year. She has taste and style and class. Moms even picked us both  up these cute slate colored boots by XOXO at Bealls  before my arrival. One might ask why would she purchase us the same item, right? Well we live 6 hours apart and we are in different age brackets so her spin and my spin on wearing them will definitely be different. Here are a few shots of mom and I being silly and showing them off. Check out the cute buckle on the side.

Showing Off!

More Silliness!
I'm  such a diva because mom taught me how to be classy. I can write many stories about the way she dressed me and my siblings as children. Maas Brothers and JCPenny were her stores of choice. She kept her four little ones neat, tidy and prime. That trait hasn't left me today. My son will participate in events and the dress code will suggest nice attire (and include: You do not have to dress up). Mini me will have on slacks, loafers, a dress shirt and a V-neck sweater while the other students have on jeans and collard shirts. I love love love fashion and style but what I love more is the relationship I have with the moms. It keep me at home with her all day instead of spending money I didn't have on Black Friday. 

Did you head out to the sales? What did you find? Was it worth it? Suggestions for how I can wear both pair of boots? 

Boot lover in South Florida,


TheFabChick said...

Love those western boots... funny i've never had a pair. And mom, how fab is she!! I guess that's where you get it from!

I myself am not a black friday shopper either. I stay home, in bed, watching TV being lazy and eating left over. so don't have patience for all the shenanigans that comes with. :-)

Kerissa said...

Thanks Misha. I've worn them 3 days this week. They are soooo very very fab (wink). Yes Moms is a dynamic Queen and stylish she is. I hope to have her spunk and zeal for life when I'm her age.

Blah to Black Friday. I like sales any day of the week and anytime of the year :)

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