Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are you in the Business of Overcoming?

Adversity is a part of life. That doesn't mean GOD wants us to suffer and not enjoy the abundant life HE has promised. What we do know is that bad things happen to even good people. There are also many reasons why, sometimes ones we don't understand or will every fully comprehend. I've experienced a few moments of frustration over the last few weeks. I took out my devotional my church provides monthly and the first day of December's message spoke about GOD'S grace to overcome. How timely is that (lifts hand in praise)!

What I took away from this devotional is that success doesn't depend on circumstances, but on overcoming our circumstances. With GOD on our side we can do it! Paul wrote in Romans 8:38 NKJVL "If GOD is for us, who can be against us?" Some of the world's greatest people faced the world's greatest challenges, but they overcame them. What are you believing about your situation today?

Some would look at the environment where I grew up and think I shouldn't be where I am today but....I AM AN OVERCOMER through HIM that loves me. I am. I am. I am (make it your affirmation today). I am embarking on a new journey beginning Monday. I'm so excited and filled with glee (turns cartwheels in my mind). I look forward to sharing this ride with my readers. I look forward to your continued support and prayers. Most importantly, I look forward to hearing your story of determination and perseverance. 

Forever moving forward,


T.Davis said...


Alexandra Elizabeth said...

AM AN OVERCOMER through HIM that loves me. I am.

What *powerful* words. We must continue to overcome and continue to break through the barriers but i front of us! We must continue to fight!

Kerissa said...

Ladies, I've been fighting, fighting, FIGHTING. @T.Davis, I know your desire is to get a job in the makeup industry. Don't give up. Keep striving! I read your tumblr post and I was so encouraged to do as @Mommy Glow wrote break through the barrier put in front of us.

Thanks for stopping by!

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