Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...

Earlier tonight mini me and I began assembling our fake Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This week is exams for him at school so we won't be able to finish until Friday which is the official start of our winter break. Mini me is such a loving son. He's so full of holiday spirit that he encouraged me to write my list out for Santa. Well actually he said we should both make our list. I'm certain I'll only be picking up gifts for him but because I love dreaming I'm going to follow some of my other favorite bloggers and put my list out there in the blogsphere.

1. A Michael Kors Handbag in black or tan

2. A CANON digital  SLR camera

I know this is a pretty expensive Christmas list but I've limited how naughty I've been this year and really would be the happiest single mom on the planet if these things showed up between now and my birthday next month. Let's gooooo Santa!

What's on your list?



T.Davis said...

Girl I want a Canon so bad too..LOL Hope you get your gifts

Kerissa said...

I need a camera in my life @T.Davis. I'm shopping around but don't think I'm gonna be able to swing it. I think I'll have to wait until my birthday in Jan.

Kawona said...

What a list!!!

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