Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skintastic - Part 2

I posted yesterday Part 1 of Skintasitc. I am certainly not professing to be a beauty expert. I do know that as a single mom some things weren’t important to me. It didn’t’ matter what I did to my face or appearance. Raising my son doesn’t allow for much dating or having a social life so I didn’t invest much time or money in skincare. My son is now a tween and I’m getting my groove back so I spend time learning, studying and reading up on being a fabulous mom.
I’m sitting at my mom’s kitchen table on Thanksgiving evening reading an old magazine. Remember I mentioned in my magazine post how I’m still trying to catch up from last summer? Statistics ruined my pleasure reading time. Well I stumbled upon a great read titled 8 steps to being Skintastic. Here are the tips below. Enjoy!

8 Skincare Tips:
1.  Use a cleanser with horsepower: lather up with cleanser that contains glycolic or lactic acid (to accelerate exfoliation) and salicylic acid (to unclog pores and make them appear smaller). This is why you really need to moisturize after stripping your face.
2. Fight free radicals on the outside - and in: Minimize future wrinkles and blotchiness with anti-oxidants; apply a serum or cream that contains antioxidants. Down a smoothie with antioxidant rich fruit. I’m a big Jamba Juice lover. Slurrpsss loudly and smacks lips.
3.  Protection: Apply a sunscreen. Most products include an SPF and YES, we must fight skin-cancer.  
4.  Retin-A: this is a topical cream that speeds up the rate at which the body sheds dead skin. This isn’t recommended for nightly use depending on strength and skin sensitivity. Retinoids boost collagen and elastin (shoutout to the oily moms) in the skin.   I’ll just insert here that Oil of Olay products contain this product and work as well as the expensive facial products. Do your research, and then head to your local Target, Walgreens or CVS.
5. Boxto Let’s just skip this one. A needle in your face isn’t necessary if you do the other things properly). You know the saying right? Black don’t crack. Thankful to be a Black Girl Who Rocks! I’m a single mom, in grad school working in education what Botox money (sideeye)?
6.  Maintain skin bounce: A good but quick step regimen is cleanse, apply a retinoid cream, top it off with a collagen-boosting cream – and hit the sheets. Dr. Kate Rodan explains, “your body temperature goes up while you sleep, and the heat helps products penetrate skin better. I go to bed extremely late if I go at all but I still carry out this routine. On my sleep in days I’ll get up wash my face and go back to bed to get that extra downtime my face needs so urgently. Remember we don’t have nannies and personal chefs so we do what works for us.
7. Sleep on your back: a surprising number of doctors believe smashing your face into a pillow leads to permanent creases. “Sleeping on your face causes fluid to pool on the side of the face,” says Dr. Mary Lupo, MD & professor of dermatology at Tulane University in New Orleans. I can sleep either way but will make a conscience effort to avoid smashing this face (think those weird mirrors at the fair and circus).
8. Exercise: Working out yields improved circulation and reduced stress according to most female doctors. I can lie, the only exercise I get is walking around school all day or running from one classroom to the next. I do take walks with my son from time to time. I have a 10 speed that I need to start riding. Despite my lack of effort, I know that exercise should be a part of one's lifestyle. It'll keep you glammed up at no cost and you won't need to buy as many skincare products.

What do you to think of these tips? Do you partake in any of them? Do share with me and my readers?

Lovin' the skin I'm in,
Source: Bender, Michelle. “Want Skin Like a Skin Doctor’?” More Dec 2009/Jan 2010. Print


Alicia said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for commenting on my post... I'm so happy I found your blog too! I love connecting with other single moms out there... I tried to follow, but they are experiencing difficulties. But i will when that problem is fixed.

Alexandra Elizabeth said...

I definetly agree with most of the 8 tips you outlined. The one that I find most important is the one about sunscreen. As an African American woman I hear fellow sisters and brothers tell me that they don't need to wear sunscreen, which really frustrates me. Just because out skin is a darker pigmentation, doesn't mean its somehow immune to the deadly effects of the sun. My daily moisturizer has Spf 25 in it and I don't leave home without it!

Kerissa said...

Hi Alicia, I've checked out your blog and I'm glad you are here. This is new to me but I'm enjoying it. I hope you find something to keep you coming back, something worthy of sharing and will give feedback to help me make this blog reader friendly.

@Mommy Glow I believe in SPF as well. My mom has fair skin and freckles and she burns easily. I'm more of caramel colored and can't tell if I'm burning until I'm shades darker so I lather up! Thanks for stopping by again :)

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