Monday, November 15, 2010

Magazine Mania

There are so many things I enjoy doing and reading is one of them. I was cleaning my son's room Saturday evening and realized he had at least 13 books bedside. I told my friend Ms. B the child didn't need another book and we should stick with the library (read em and return em). Well today I realized and had to admit children really do pay attention to what goes around them and become their surroundings. As much as I love books, I love magazines jsut as much! I have a stack of them to read dating back to this summer. Graduate school has consumed my time...all of it. There are nights after studying I'll stay up to read a novel or magazine from cover to cover. Here is a shot of a few of my favorite magazines:

Essence has been catching a lot of heat lately. I agree most of the issues suck (even the online mobile version) but I can't live without seeing a beautiful black women who look like me on a monthly basis. MORE magazine was a gift from my fabulous mom. I started reading her copies about two years ago and loved the reinvent yourself articles. Yes, it is geared towards women over 40 (and I'm only 26 *crosses heart*) but the fashion can be tweaked for any age professional working woman, the articles on health, beauty and wellness are very informative and the showcase of what 40+ looks like keeps me inspired. I purchase Ebony sporadically and this issue was a must since it featured Mary J. Blige.

 MJB has not only withstood criticism about her voice but   a tumultuous life that led to finding that good love she sings about now just with Kendu but within (inserts Black Girls Rock theme song here). GLAMOUR gets a purchase here and there. I was feeling Fergie on this cover and also realized it is the 20th Anniversary of the magazine.

Do tell what some of your favorite reads. Do you gift magazine subscriptions? I gave my mom one to Essence and she never has time to read any of them. One thing  I would like to see is magazines in school libraries geared towards student interest. Suggestions?

All about a good read,

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