Monday, November 1, 2010

National Like Yourself Day

Hey everyone, I've been away from all social networking for a week and let me tell you it was good. Today I did what you would expect and that's catch up on the blogs I subscribe to and found this great post at I know everyone loves holidays as much as I do even when we celebrate them late. My birthday bash with the January girls is around the corner and we'll probably celebrate in March, lol!

So today we are going to celebrate 4 physical  (yes I upped the celebrated) things we like about ourselves. I'll begin:

#1 I really really love my short hair. There are days when I miss the bouncing and behaving highlighted layered full head of hair that was beaten into submission by the best Dominican stylist here in the city but most days I love my natural buzz cut more than I can describe (think black girl on the beach). It's simple, easy to maintain and I'm amused when I'm told I have good hair. To that I say a good hair cream works wonders :).

#2 My tiny waist/ample bottom. Oh my goodness I can remember when I was a bean pole and this wasn't too long ago. I had nothing. Zero! Nada! Stick figure! One day I woke up and GOD allowed me to inherit my mother's awesome is to die for if you like working out. Except, I don't like exercise and don't go out of my way to participate in anything strenuous. I'm just grateful that I've been stung by a  and I can fill out my jeans...that's what you call blessed, amen.

#3 *bats lashes* as I continue typing. My real false looking lashes can only be sent from heaven. I wear glasses, not often but I do like my specs. They make me look intelligent. A year ago I went back wearing contacts and incorporated wearing mascara into my daily routine. Remember I'm a makeup virgin so I just begin to play with one feature my face and....cha ching ba da bing vaaa vooom, I scored with a few coats of Maybelline Lash Blast. I look at photos I've taken with my eyes closed attempting to show off my meidcore eyeshadow looks and I'm impressed with the fullness and length of my gorgeous hairs.

#4 Disclaimer: this list was in no particular order but I like my smile (although lately I haven't used it) :(.  There is a dear friend who speaks of my smile as if it is the brightest star topping a well lit Christmas I've been told by others that my smile is something they enjoying seeing as it appears genuine. I guess this is a case where this part of my body is more of a blessing to the world I greet daily than it is to me.  Funny how something we may find difficulty doing can add a bit of love to another person's day. I'm in alot pain right now due to changes in my life, things I can't control but I'm working on keeping my song smiling much to resonate the joy that comes from knowing GOD is faithful brings & sharing that truth with the world.

Now it's your turn to share with your readers if you blog or just here in the comment section what you love about yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that it is vain. I acknowledge that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of a GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD. I take no credit for HIS design. We are all masterpieces.



Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

So many things happen...I shall not be moved.
So many people shift...I shall not be moved.
So many feelings try to overcome me...I shall not be moved.
I (the essence of who I am)
Shall (choice)
Not (NO...even if has sugar on top)
Be (the state of existing)
Moved (shifted...out of place)
LC (not Swain)

Kerissa said...

@LC (My Spiritual Mother and the bestest Aunt to my Mini-me) thank you, thank you..THANK YOU. I probably wouldn't have returned to this post if you had not stopped by. Funny how I fail sometimes to live by my own encouraging words. Getting my song back because the Essence of who I am lies in the GREAT I AM (Jesus Christ). Amen, Selah.

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