Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can I Have One Too?

Friday evening, I was having a Twitter conversation with two of my favorite people @ClaytonMuhammad and @nmarchmon (my virtual siblings). We are three fabulous souls who rock being single like Cartier diamonds. I do hope that someday my relationship status will change (Facebook is so lame but I've digressed.) They reminded me that I don't need a man with potential; but I need a go getter, a right now kinda guy. Do I know one like him? Yes! and No. Anyhoo if I can have one the way Lily describe him here life would be grand. (Caution: read at your own risk!)



TheFabChick said...

LORD!! Aint this the truth!! Don't get me started on this topic. sigh. :-/

Kerissa said...

@Misha, I really try not to put too much of what I'm really thinking out there especially after everyone dragged out misinformation that because we are fab, independent, shakers and movers we don't deserve or want the right relationship. I do but I won't settle! End of comment, lolol :)

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