Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can I Have One Too?

Friday evening, I was having a Twitter conversation with two of my favorite people @ClaytonMuhammad and @nmarchmon (my virtual siblings). We are three fabulous souls who rock being single like Cartier diamonds. I do hope that someday my relationship status will change (Facebook is so lame but I've digressed.) They reminded me that I don't need a man with potential; but I need a go getter, a right now kinda guy. Do I know one like him? Yes! and No. Anyhoo if I can have one the way Lily describe him here life would be grand. (Caution: read at your own risk!)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skintastic - Part 2

I posted yesterday Part 1 of Skintasitc. I am certainly not professing to be a beauty expert. I do know that as a single mom some things weren’t important to me. It didn’t’ matter what I did to my face or appearance. Raising my son doesn’t allow for much dating or having a social life so I didn’t invest much time or money in skincare. My son is now a tween and I’m getting my groove back so I spend time learning, studying and reading up on being a fabulous mom.
I’m sitting at my mom’s kitchen table on Thanksgiving evening reading an old magazine. Remember I mentioned in my magazine post how I’m still trying to catch up from last summer? Statistics ruined my pleasure reading time. Well I stumbled upon a great read titled 8 steps to being Skintastic. Here are the tips below. Enjoy!

8 Skincare Tips:
1.  Use a cleanser with horsepower: lather up with cleanser that contains glycolic or lactic acid (to accelerate exfoliation) and salicylic acid (to unclog pores and make them appear smaller). This is why you really need to moisturize after stripping your face.
2. Fight free radicals on the outside - and in: Minimize future wrinkles and blotchiness with anti-oxidants; apply a serum or cream that contains antioxidants. Down a smoothie with antioxidant rich fruit. I’m a big Jamba Juice lover. Slurrpsss loudly and smacks lips.
3.  Protection: Apply a sunscreen. Most products include an SPF and YES, we must fight skin-cancer.  
4.  Retin-A: this is a topical cream that speeds up the rate at which the body sheds dead skin. This isn’t recommended for nightly use depending on strength and skin sensitivity. Retinoids boost collagen and elastin (shoutout to the oily moms) in the skin.   I’ll just insert here that Oil of Olay products contain this product and work as well as the expensive facial products. Do your research, and then head to your local Target, Walgreens or CVS.
5. Boxto Let’s just skip this one. A needle in your face isn’t necessary if you do the other things properly). You know the saying right? Black don’t crack. Thankful to be a Black Girl Who Rocks! I’m a single mom, in grad school working in education what Botox money (sideeye)?
6.  Maintain skin bounce: A good but quick step regimen is cleanse, apply a retinoid cream, top it off with a collagen-boosting cream – and hit the sheets. Dr. Kate Rodan explains, “your body temperature goes up while you sleep, and the heat helps products penetrate skin better. I go to bed extremely late if I go at all but I still carry out this routine. On my sleep in days I’ll get up wash my face and go back to bed to get that extra downtime my face needs so urgently. Remember we don’t have nannies and personal chefs so we do what works for us.
7. Sleep on your back: a surprising number of doctors believe smashing your face into a pillow leads to permanent creases. “Sleeping on your face causes fluid to pool on the side of the face,” says Dr. Mary Lupo, MD & professor of dermatology at Tulane University in New Orleans. I can sleep either way but will make a conscience effort to avoid smashing this face (think those weird mirrors at the fair and circus).
8. Exercise: Working out yields improved circulation and reduced stress according to most female doctors. I can lie, the only exercise I get is walking around school all day or running from one classroom to the next. I do take walks with my son from time to time. I have a 10 speed that I need to start riding. Despite my lack of effort, I know that exercise should be a part of one's lifestyle. It'll keep you glammed up at no cost and you won't need to buy as many skincare products.

What do you to think of these tips? Do you partake in any of them? Do share with me and my readers?

Lovin' the skin I'm in,
Source: Bender, Michelle. “Want Skin Like a Skin Doctor’?” More Dec 2009/Jan 2010. Print

Friday, November 26, 2010

Skintastic - Part 1

As much as we all want to shy away from beauty talk because for some it makes us appear vain, I’m going to share a few tips I’ve learned recently or better yet I’m paying attention to now that I’m getting a wee bit older and I wear makeup daily.

Twitter has allowed me to connect with celebrity makeup artist as well as those local in their cities beating faces and perfecting GOD a given canvas. One bit of info constant in the advice column is skincare.

My old routine was clean with alcohol (I still have breakouts like a teenage…not good L), slap some lotion on it and scrub it really hard with a hand towel and soap. Yikes!!!! I know better now and I’m super grateful for my oily skin that was probably the preventive tool of me not ruining my face.

Currently I’m a BIG fan of Neutrogena and Olay products. I won’t get into what specific products I use. Before you make a purchase, you’ll need to know your skin type to buy the correct products. What I will stress even for us moms with oily skin who are prone to breakouts is 1. Strop stressing (this causes most of my breakouts). As soon as I get a hubby the first thing I’m going to do is hand over stressing from being the HOH-Head of Household! 2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize with a cherry on top. I once believed too that because my skin oozed with oil (you could practically fry chicken wings on my face) I didn’t need to add any more greasy ingredients to it. . .oh how wrong I was. 

 Last week I went to the barber makeup-less. Yes, to the barber where there are always men and some are hotties, LOL. The barber asked what I was wearing on my face because I was glowing. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after answering with a girlie girl sounding "nothing." That meant he couldn't tell when I was wearing makeup (I know duh most men can't) and that my skincare regimen is working. 

 As busy as the single mom life we can, we must take time to care for ourselves and skincare is included. I can't do a 10 step regimen but being sure to remove my makeup, washing my face with a cleanser, ex-foliating and moisturizing to include an eyecream for those dark grad school circles and occasionally a day of nothing but rest has made a difference in my appearance. 

How do you take care of your face with you busy schedule? What are you favorite skincare products? 


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving! Remember today shouldn't be the ONLY day you set aside to be grateful. If you are reading this without assistance you have something to be thankful for. I'm spending this time off with my 3 siblings, mom and will visit the Grams later.

The Scripture reminds us in all thanks give thanks for this is the Will of GOD (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  As we approach the closing of 2010 find a reason to celebrate even if you don't have money to waste on the Black Friday sales, or your car needs a new part (mine does...arrrrgghhh!!!) and you can't get that fresh pair of shoes you saw on someone else's fashion blog (smile). Surround yourself today with people who matter and partake in the love flowing freely from heart to heart. 

With a heart full of gladness,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Is Your Woman of the Year? My MOM of course!

Tonight I'm relaxing in the... well I won't say where but this is a quiet place where I read :) I'm reading the question Glamour magazine asked their staffers and I'm suddenly inspired to write.While I admire our first Lady Michelle Obama and adore all the ladies in my life who are some of my biggest cheerleaders there is no denying that my mom is the greatest woman on earth. This chick is my go to for everything. This isn't because she tells me what I want to hear or always comes at me from a mothering point of view (MPOV) but because I can say that she lives what she preaches. She demonstrates forgiveness even when I want to lash out at the individual/s who in my eyes have wronger her.

My mom has never accepted anything less than my very best. This expectation coming from a woman who raised four children mostly as a single mom and didn't enter college into a few years ago. She has dealt with hearing loss, being diagnosed as dyslexia, domestic violence and still managed to not only be fabulous on the outside but have a heart for people to be healed, fulfilled and living their best GOD life. Today is another's Mother's Day like post. A few short paragraphs to shoutout the woman who gave me life, my good genes, wide hips, introduced me to Christ as in Jesus, allowed me to spread my wings and fly and who loves her children as if they were still the young kiddos whose mouth she wiped, food she prepared on Saturday night for Sunday evening dinner after church as a family and will drive 6 hours at the drop of a hat when she is informed one is ill.

There will never be another natural haired Queen named Rev. C. Francis! She may not be known worldwide but her work for the Kingdom of heaven will reach far and wide. Dear Momma, don't ya know I love you sweet lady?!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Do I Look?

I've found that my love for fashion has been a blessing and a curse. Nevertheless I'm going to keep doing me and enjoying looking good. The world does, right? Why shouldn't I especially if I say I'm repping a GOD who takes care of HIS children. Just because I'm a single mom doesn't mean I have to look like an old maid with no life and no desire to capture the eye of a mighty man of valor someday.

I wanted to share this look I created from Target and Bakers for a co-workers wedding. Let me know what you think.

Loving Fashion,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Magazine Mania

There are so many things I enjoy doing and reading is one of them. I was cleaning my son's room Saturday evening and realized he had at least 13 books bedside. I told my friend Ms. B the child didn't need another book and we should stick with the library (read em and return em). Well today I realized and had to admit children really do pay attention to what goes around them and become their surroundings. As much as I love books, I love magazines jsut as much! I have a stack of them to read dating back to this summer. Graduate school has consumed my time...all of it. There are nights after studying I'll stay up to read a novel or magazine from cover to cover. Here is a shot of a few of my favorite magazines:

Essence has been catching a lot of heat lately. I agree most of the issues suck (even the online mobile version) but I can't live without seeing a beautiful black women who look like me on a monthly basis. MORE magazine was a gift from my fabulous mom. I started reading her copies about two years ago and loved the reinvent yourself articles. Yes, it is geared towards women over 40 (and I'm only 26 *crosses heart*) but the fashion can be tweaked for any age professional working woman, the articles on health, beauty and wellness are very informative and the showcase of what 40+ looks like keeps me inspired. I purchase Ebony sporadically and this issue was a must since it featured Mary J. Blige.

 MJB has not only withstood criticism about her voice but   a tumultuous life that led to finding that good love she sings about now just with Kendu but within (inserts Black Girls Rock theme song here). GLAMOUR gets a purchase here and there. I was feeling Fergie on this cover and also realized it is the 20th Anniversary of the magazine.

Do tell what some of your favorite reads. Do you gift magazine subscriptions? I gave my mom one to Essence and she never has time to read any of them. One thing  I would like to see is magazines in school libraries geared towards student interest. Suggestions?

All about a good read,

Monday, November 1, 2010

National Like Yourself Day

Hey everyone, I've been away from all social networking for a week and let me tell you it was good. Today I did what you would expect and that's catch up on the blogs I subscribe to and found this great post at http://www.singlemamanyc.com. I know everyone loves holidays as much as I do even when we celebrate them late. My birthday bash with the January girls is around the corner and we'll probably celebrate in March, lol!

So today we are going to celebrate 4 physical  (yes I upped the celebrated) things we like about ourselves. I'll begin:

#1 I really really love my short hair. There are days when I miss the bouncing and behaving highlighted layered full head of hair that was beaten into submission by the best Dominican stylist here in the city but most days I love my natural buzz cut more than I can describe (think black girl on the beach). It's simple, easy to maintain and I'm amused when I'm told I have good hair. To that I say a good hair cream works wonders :).

#2 My tiny waist/ample bottom. Oh my goodness I can remember when I was a bean pole and this wasn't too long ago. I had nothing. Zero! Nada! Stick figure! One day I woke up and GOD allowed me to inherit my mother's awesome figure..it is to die for if you like working out. Except, I don't like exercise and don't go out of my way to participate in anything strenuous. I'm just grateful that I've been stung by a  and I can fill out my jeans...that's what you call blessed, amen.

#3 *bats lashes* as I continue typing. My real false looking lashes can only be sent from heaven. I wear glasses, not often but I do like my specs. They make me look intelligent. A year ago I went back wearing contacts and incorporated wearing mascara into my daily routine. Remember I'm a makeup virgin so I just begin to play with one feature my face and....cha ching ba da bing vaaa vooom, I scored with a few coats of Maybelline Lash Blast. I look at photos I've taken with my eyes closed attempting to show off my meidcore eyeshadow looks and I'm impressed with the fullness and length of my gorgeous hairs.

#4 Disclaimer: this list was in no particular order but I like my smile (although lately I haven't used it) :(.  There is a dear friend who speaks of my smile as if it is the brightest star topping a well lit Christmas I've been told by others that my smile is something they enjoying seeing as it appears genuine. I guess this is a case where this part of my body is more of a blessing to the world I greet daily than it is to me.  Funny how something we may find difficulty doing can add a bit of love to another person's day. I'm in alot pain right now due to changes in my life, things I can't control but I'm working on keeping my song smiling much to resonate the joy that comes from knowing GOD is faithful brings & sharing that truth with the world.

Now it's your turn to share with your readers if you blog or just here in the comment section what you love about yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that it is vain. I acknowledge that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of a GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD. I take no credit for HIS design. We are all masterpieces.

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