Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why I Rock!

I was catching up on the blogs I follow and came across a great post: written by Cocoa Popps. Black Girls Rock will be airing next month on November 7 on BET (stop gagging, lolol!).  I've read numerous tweets and blog postings about this wonderful organization spearheaded by the fabulous famed DJ Beverly Bond. *Warning* Cocoa Popps post is filled with spoilers. I didn't read it in its entirety. What prompted me to write this post was the closing question. She asked why I rocked. Now I love me so I jumped at the opportunity to celebrate me a gift to the world. 

So here is why I rock: when I look in the mirror the divamom I see is the one that GOD created and I'm sooo very comfortable with my brush cut, small waist, thighs & hips, big nose, bug eyes and fashion sense on a dime plus I'm smart, funny and loveable. I like being an undercover (well now ya know) nerd who reads books until the sun comes up. I rock because I've come to the realization I'm living my best life now. That GOD has the unimagined in store for me. 

I rock because even though my son was born out of wedlock he's the very reason I'm a better woman, more responsible, committed to education and dancing in the rain. I rock because I surrounded by a great support system that holds me down and jumps in when I'm about to loose some of the plates I'm juggling. I rock because I come from the loins of one of the strongest black women who ever lived. She build me up so that my foundation would never be shaken to the core and I couldn't start again. 

I rock because I refuse to be defined by the unimportant traits. I rock because I'm in love with me. I rock because I can reach my destiny. I rock because I'm royalty. I rock because I'm going to shape history, MY HISTORY. I rock because no one is greater at being me than me.  

Tell me why you rock?


The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

Good for you lady!! I need some of your vibes today - having a low-ish day - so this was just what I needed to see!!

I think you ROCK too!

TheFabChick said...

You definitely do Rock lady!! Claim your rockstar status!! :-) awesomeness

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