Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Your Promise?

I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, 
who will never hold their peace day or night; you who 
[are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord 
 in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence,
Isaiah 62:6 Amplified

Recently I've been in limbo about graduate school. I know that I am capable of completing the task, I just didn't know the best method to get to the finish line. As always I prayed about it, pondered it and discussed it with those I can trust with my dreams. Always remember there are people standing on the sideline waiting to see you fail. Don't share too much with them. There were a couple of times I felt lead to move in a different direction. I even considered the EdD instead of the PhD program. One thing that works when looking to make a major decision is to weigh the pros and cons. I did and the EdD was just as costly as the PhD although the time was shorter. There were other factors I considered which I won't bore you with but I arrived at a final conclusion. The ultimate wow factor was reconnecting with GOD and being reminded of HIS plan for my life, HIS promise to bring it to pass and choosing me to fulfill a plan of service to my students, my church family and those in need. With that knowledge I am armed and dangerous. I'm ready to keep pushing along until I can cross this goal off my to do list. 

To seal HIS promise GOD used an artist from the 2009 season of Sunday's Best to encourage me. Here is @Yanna_SoulsSings performing my new favorite track 'The Promise'. Enjoy! Be motivated, encouraged and stay focused on your goals. He will keep HIS promise:, AMEN!

Christ says "Yes" to all of God's promises. 
That's why we have Christ to say "Amen" for us to the glory of God.
II Corinthians 1:20 Contemporary English Version

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Look what’s in my makeup bag GlamChicWithUs”

Hi, *waves and bats lashes*! I know some of you are wondering what in the world does she know about makeup and why the antics. My Twitter followers know that I love words so I've found a way to be descriptive by including my star studded moments (see above). Now on to this post. I have an announcement (drumroll) that I'd like to thank my bestie 'Q' for inspiring. Yep you guessed it:  makeup. Yep, the diva has started beating her face into semi-perfection. I can't rid myself of these dark spots or at least I haven't successfully done so. Suggestions?!?! The fantastic thing about my new hobby is I get to share with you what's in my makeup bag thanks to a wonderful young lady I met over at Please oh please go visit and subscribe to her blog.

Every Monday Twitter has a hashtag for #makeupMonday and boy oh boy are there some fantastic tips from beginning makeup artists, to well know MUA who blog and even the beautiful @SamFineBeauty who paints the face of Iman, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. Well I'm not that good and certainly don't aspire to be. What I do enjoy is having fun enhancing the beautiful round face my parents gave me and yes the small head that rocks this brush cut with fiiieeerrrcceeennneessss. 

So my G.L.A.M. Chic's latest post was a challenge to share what was in your makeup bag by simply posting pictures. Check them out below. I'm a lightweight when it comes to a makeup bag but I do visit a mirror a few times throughout the day to ensure my starting look hasn't faltered. I look forward to hearing what's in your bag if you don't have a personal blog or seeing your pictures if you do. 

Here's my cheezy makeup bag. Don't judge it. I'm a teacher and all I need the bag to do is hold the makeup :)

Now for the content of the bag..which is really what the post is about:

Standard beauty stuff to get me through a work day. I have a mirror, MAC's prep and prime for the lips, a Jordana Lipliner in Silver Lilac (Walgreens for 99 cents), GAP Banana Smoothie flavored lip balm with SPF 18, my favorite sheer gloss in Nude 33 by Korres from Sephora, my new favorite mascara *bats lashes* Great Lash by Maybelline in Very Black, for my hands and lips (or any other body part) Vaseline, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark, Mac Pressed Blot Powder in Deep Dark (look at old Facebook pictures and the shine has been chased away) , Iman's Posh blush (my blush changes), Opti-Free Rewetting Drop for contacts that I never use, Bath and Body Works anit-bacterial hand gel, min travel powder brush from a Sephora brush kit, a Sephora lip brush (ok so I don't use it each time I  apply lipstick..ugghhh), a Sonia Kashuk large powder brush (I think at least that is what I use it for), a cheap brow brush & comb and thank to @SamFineBeauty a lash curler that I used on the regular for about a month (although I've owned it forever but didn't know how to use it). 

Thanks for peeking inside my handbag which is absolutely fabulous if I might say so myself. Remember true beauty is an inward trait and no amount of makeup products will cover the real you. Do the world a favor and shine, shine, SHINE, mwah!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying life exactly where you may find yourself at this moment in time. There have been so many happenings in my life both good and bad. I'm not writing to report on them all. I just wanted to check in with my followers and let you know that my blog isn't dead. I know, I know there have been no posting since July. When I agreed to start a blog after being encouraged to do so by Roodlyn the author of I did so with the understanding that I would only write when it was NOT interfering with me parenting, work and grad school. 

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (and yes I'm cutting back there....ok a little J), you know dropping statistics left me in a serious funk about graduate school. I've been discussing the situation with a few people I trust with my dream and really asking GOD for strength and guidance. Now that KT is in middle school, I have worked hard to get him involved in extracurricular activities. We are adjusting and trying to figure out what works best for us. The priority for me is his success in his core classes which are all advanced courses. 

As much as I love sharing with you all every wonderful story that happens in my life I must do it in moderation so that I can maintain my sanity. Life without balance isn’t living at all. No more episodes for me! PROMISE!! If you want to get snippets click my Twitter button and follow me. If you want to get quick posts I'm on lame (that's right I said LAME!) Facebook. Are you wondering why won't I just write a bunch of posts and schedule them to upload? Because I don't have time!

Love you all. More to come soon....

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