Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

Sometimes life gets the best of you. You can pray, have a positive outlook and wake up daily seizing the day but life will occasionally throw you a curve ball. It happened to me this week. I was already a bit blue because I’m missing the mini-me like crazy. To break out of my routine of sitting at home or in the library studying and teaching I decide to go out to grab a salad and drink.

I ran a few errands and decided I’d swing by Fridays for a cobb salad. Of course, it rains everyday here in South Florida and today was no different. It’s pouring and I’m driving slow trying to find the restaurant. I’m unable to find the entrance and drive by it to keep from getting a horn blast. I circle back around and there is there it is. Well almost. It’s closed. Another one bites the dust due to the economy. No biggie though. There’s an Applebee’s and Chili’s on my way home.

I decide I’ll have the chicken salad at Applebee’s even though I can’t sit outside and dine. I pull into a park facing forward. I’m telling you this because it is something I rarely do. Ask my bestie, Q. It’s one of my many actions that irritates her. I hope out in the rain, go inside and place my order. The second sign that my life was rumbling like a volcano ready to erupt happens the moment I bite into my oriental chicken salad. It isn’t my usual meal and it tastes horrible. I’m not sure if it was because of my apple sangria or the salad itself. The entire meal was awful including the drink but I force myself to eat it. Pay the bill including a tip and head out to my truck.

Well my truck had a very different agenda. I turn the switch and click click click. Nothing!!!! It has power and won’t turn over. At this moment a conversation I had with some twitter friends replays in my mind. I know the battery is in the trunk someplace but I’ve never seen it. Dang it man, I think.  Why is this happening to me on a rainy day?  I contact my insurance company to have the car towed to the dealer which is less than 10 minutes away. I call the dealership to notify them and they are closed. Yeah, this day is looking dim mike the skies at a rapid rate. 

Fast forward, I leave the car and call my neighbor for a lift home. I’m already stressed over my statistics class so I’m not going to have a meltdown over the car not starting. I don’t have anywhere to go so it can wait until the next morning. I decide that I’ll just walk at my car in the morning with the faith that it will start. I wake up the next day, grab a large bottle of water, call my mom to keep my company while I walk and start stepping. I set up the arrangements to have my car towed with my insurance company and read a book during the hour wait.  So far so good and there is good news. It was as if GOD was saying I see you daughter and all is well because it did not rain and the heat wasn’t sweltering.

Twenty minutes before the tow truck arrives my truck starts. I’m grateful and I cancel the towing and head straight to the dealer. They check out my car and give me a semi grim diagnosis. A siren is needed for the alarm. he truck thought it was being stolen so I had to replace the part. These smart foreign cars need all their parts. The part was $500 without a warranty. I also needed a battery which was another $200. I’m cool with it. Gotta keep the ONLY car I have running smoothly, right? Well the today I get a call that my car is ready and there was no warranty.

Yikes, imagine how I felt. I was sick. It was one of those moments when I think being a single mom, working two jobs, attending school, trying to save for a home so my son and I can have a better life felt futile. It’s summer for goodness sake. A time to travel, dine out and think about new clothes for August. I cried for about a minute and then got over it. I just gotta keep reminding myself that all the things I dream about will come to fruition in GOD’s timing. I can’t take on another job to save for a home. I can’t afford to be at work while someone or something else (like reality tv) rears my son. Time with him is priceless. It’s a car that will require maintenance. Besides, you gotta pay for something. Nothing in life is free. My mom reminded me that trials will come to test my faith. She was in Reverend mode, lol. It’ll come to test all of us whether we believe in the same GOD or not. Upsets will happen. Its how we deal with them that builds character. I’m stronger with each tear!


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