Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whoever Said…

that all moms should take a break obviously had too many kids at home. I miss my mini-me soo very much!!! This is the first summer we’ve been apart for this amount of time. Initially when his father and I planned this I was elated that I’d have time to teach an online class and focus on my doctoral studies without dragging him to spend five hours in the library. He’s such a fun kid and this time away has certainly given me an opportunity to appreciate the love we share as mother and son.

I’ve tried playing the Wii and it really isn’t much fun because KT isn’t here to restart every game that he’s losing. Oh how I miss those teachable moments when I can pull out Mia Hamm’s book on sportsmanship and read it with him. Watching Ratatouille, Brother Bear or Gladiator for the gazillionth time seems so bland without someone to sing along with…Tell everybody I’m on my way (Koda from Brother Bear 2) or recite movie lines…Maxiums! Maxiums! Maxiums!

My heart is settled with the blessing that he’s able to be with the other half of him learning those things I can never teach him because I’m a woman. It took awhile but I realized that trying to be both parents was impossible and since I’m unable to stand and tinkle it was best to let the things a man could better explain, be handle by a man. I miss him terribly but I know he’ll come back with tales to share over dinner and with a better appreciation of the life GOD has blessed us with. In the meantime I’ll consider planning this welcome home party he requested as if he left the country J.

Off of mommie duty,

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