Saturday, June 26, 2010

Timeouts are Necessary

Yes I’m aware it’s been almost 2 full months and some extra since my last blog post. When I began this journey I was extremely excited. I’m a diehard fan of words. Geez, I have an English degree for goodness sake. I love writing! I love talking! and I was ready to share my life with my readers regardless of the number of faithful followers. Well life got in the way again. I told a friend my summer vacation (I’ve only been off two weeks) hasn’t been that exciting so I have nothing to blog, tweet or post about on Facebook. Yep, you are amazed that I still do the latter two but haven’t stopped by my blog to check in. Well I’m checking in. Some of my followers have asked me to……. I’m here. Don’t be mad when my posts are short blurbs of randomness. Glad you are still with me J! Recognize I’m bacccckkkkk as I fist pump to T.I.’s  latest single. More to come I just can't say when & I hope you'll stick with me -smiles-.


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