Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Music Lesson

Yesterday I snagged Janelle Monae's cd at Target for $9.99. I'm a big music fan. I need to start an allowance account to support my music habit. It's funny though because many of my recent albums had to grow on me. I didn't care for MJB's Stronger With Each Tear it was to young sounding after my first encounters. Each time I popped it into my cd player I felt like I was hearing this 20 something year old that just didn't work for me.  I tucked it away and didn't listen to it again for about a month. Now I pull it out often. I even go back to her Share My World and 411 albums occasionally. Then my favorite short hair R & B Princess all grown up now, Monica. Well I hated her album from jump. I wanted the Before You Walk Out My Life singer. Twitter didn't help. There was constant negative tweets but I'm glad to say I detoxed and recalled why I loved her in the beginning. She was and is relate-able. I listened with my heart and now I can't stop playing Love All Over Me. I'm looking forward to seeing the video that's soon to be released.

Usher and his Raymond vs Raymond album wasn't going to get any play in my ride or on my iPod Touch because I hate listening to Piles in Daddy's Home. I would hear the song and think really dude, did he ever pour kool-aid on his wife. Serious talk! Again I allowed the voice of others to determine how I felt about another artist that I adored from one release to the next. Now Usher is  racking in the $$$s and his album is on top of billboard charts. Silly me and now my girl (although I believe gospel is her callinng) is returning. Fantasia with a new album in August. Her single "Bittersweet" grew on me today when I saw the video. Yep, you read it correctly. I didn't like this single until today. It came off as begging and sad and I want you back so bad something I can't deal with. I try to be cold. Once we break up, you no longer exist on planet earth. I know awful. Good coping mechanism but that's another post someday.
Check out Fantasia's new video for her single and let me know your thoughts:

Here's my point don't allow others to determine what pleasures in life you enjoy. Yes, I read the excerpts on the cover of books but I don't read reviews to make a decision if I want to check them out from the library. Why was I allowing the negativity being spread by social media networking sites to sway me? To each his own. I'm now eagerly awaiting the return of the sexy Kem with Intimacy.

My hair is in a low brush cut for me! I don't care that my breast aren't the size of mangos (they are really small) or that I live in an apartment. Peace comes from within. It's a constant force in your life when you are able to look in the mirror, see what GOD sees and appreciate the life you have by living it well, for him and in service to others. Besides life will always be "Bittersweet."


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